Phone presence

Ok been reading like crazy and getting more confused as I read.
Looking to use Home assistant and need for it to know if I am home or not.
Looked at many options and most seem to be reported as unreliable
Nmap, Bluetooth(because of distance) wifi connection etc
Some other seem better like OwnTracks but worried about phone battery.
Why is it that other systems seem so out of the box easy like my nest thermostat august lock and a completely configurable system like this on a small computer is so complicated and confusing?
Don’t mean to bash home assistant it seems great but very steep learning curve.

What is everyone using which is reliable using android phone?
I would use my nest away to trigger but seems down says We’re currently restructuring our developer program and are no longer accepting new developers


I think life360 is the best for android;

@Pippyn is right life360 is great another that works flawlessly for me on Android is GPSLogger

Thanks I will try that. I thought of another idea that might work great for me but need help for configuration.
I have a DSC alarm with envisialink4 .
Last night I managed to connect home assistant to my different zones :slight_smile:

What I would like to do is set up a vacation mode when not at home so lights go on and off at a certain time. This can be triggered by armed and disarmed mode of my alarm if it is possible.
Not sure if this is the right place to post. If someone could guide me in my configuration this is what I would like it to do.

When system is armed in away mode not home mode between sunset and midnight, I would like for my 7 different lights to go on and off in a random mode as to create a feel of presence in the home.
I would like to also have 1 and/or 2 lights at the same time.

I have seen some scripts with vacation mode here but would need help to integrate it with my alarm system if possible.

Can anyone help