Phorus PS5 wifi speaker (local Echo announcement replacement)

Greetings Everyone!

So, here’s my idea: I’ve been looking for a simple wifi speaker solution for announcing alarm events that is both inexpensive and cloudless (local control). Basically, what I’m now doing with Amazon Echo’s, but without having to be tied to the cloud. I’ve been more than a little surprised at how few options there are aside from more costly solutions like Sonos.

A week ago, I ordered a Phorus PS5 wifi speaker from Amazon for about $30. It sounds fine and connects to wifi easily. All that is needed is an integration that allows Home Assistant to shoot sound files directly to it (I would like to do pre-recorded .mpeg files). This would make a very simple, inexpensive, announcer system for my home and shop alarm. I would think it would be pretty popular with a lot of folks trying to do the same.

I believe the opporative word here is “DTS Play-Fi.” I tried to configure this with the dlna player integration, but no joy. There isn’t much other info about these speakers here on the forum, or on the interwebs. Either this is something relatively new, or it’s another “standard” that failed to launch. Regardless, I’m hoping that someone out there with a much larger brain can figure this out. It would be awesome!

If you are looking for this solution, too, please vote for this and perhaps we can attract some attention and figure this out.

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Seconded! I have a Klipsch Powergate, which also uses PlayFi. I know there are other Home Assistant users with this stereo as well (see here). A PlayFi integration would be excellent.