Phyn integration - Water leak detector

I have a recent smart water sensor with auto shut off that is currently compatible with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT. So I assume it should be compatible with Home Assistant.

Since I do not see any threads on Phyn, is there a getting started guide to building out new integrations? Is this possible from the community? or does this require core product updates?

Just wondering if I perhaps could contribute with a new 3rd party integration. Thank you


Also looking to buy a smart water valve. Flo seems very popular and has an integration, but Phyn gives you the same analytics without the $5/month subscription that Flo charges.

Has anyone made any progress at all trying to reverse engineer the Phyn API?

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+1 looking to do the same. I see there is an integration for Streamlabs but that may also require a sub to get to the API. Different technology there so not sure how effective that is either.

+1 would also be very interested in this

I’m going to return mine. It doesn’t look like there’s any access to the data beyond the mobile app or IFTTT alerts. Not even a web portal to scrape.

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Yeah, don’t ever ask their support team about that either. The folks who staff their support system are a bit more knowledgeable than your average product support, but they’re also super arrogant especially when it comes to questions about the data, and don’t even ask them about your right to your data if you’re a California resident either. It does make me wonder if they’re even compliant with California data laws.

Might be worth requesting your data under the California law… handling that may cause an escalation to someone functional that can actually get answers to questions…

You can try but they’ll say since you don’t live in California from their logs and you don’t qualify.

I was pretty concerned with their requirement to turn off network security controls to set it up. I isolated the device but I’m sure many of their customers are not aware of that.

Just saw this on their website:

HomeKit support is on the roadmap and being worked on. We’ll let you know when it will become available.

Phyn FAQ

I just sent them a message through their contact us form. I suggest everyone who’s interested ping them a message expressing how important local control of smart devices is for their purchase decisions. Perhaps the power of the community can nudge them to prioritize this.


Thinking about this now especially given the recent introduction of water monitoring in HA. Anyone gotten any sort of update?

I’m also interested. Flo seems to have corrosion problems as time go by. I want to know if someone is working on the integration. Thanks.

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+1 would love to have an integration at least to control the ball valve. Right now I would have to install another device (looking at yolink even though it relies on internet due to great devices, price and support). But I’d rather not have two ball valves in series!

I just want to be able to automatically take other water leak sensors and shut off the water on.

I returned mine. The security issues and the lack of local access/integration were show stoppers.

I have been trying to select a water monitoring device and searching internet for Phyn information, and what I found is a bit crazy… Apparently, somebody at Phyn really suck at network security, because there whole Swagger is available on the public internet here:
It does, unfortunately, require API key to use. And their endpoint is setup to do permanent redirect to HTTPS, so, unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to get API key from intercepting network traffic, unless you install custom certificate on your phone and have your own proxy running locally.
But it does look like they have a lot of information that you can get form the API.

I don’t have Phyn device, so I have no interest to try to get the API key and create an integration, but swagger above should make it pretty easy to whoever wants to try it.

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I’ve reverse engineered the Phyn API with have working code to extract data and control the valve via Python. I’ve been sitting on it for a while as I haven’t had the time to create an actual HA integration. But I really want to get my usage data into HA. I’ll try to post some samples soon so others might play around with it.


Example code here:


In anticipation of a future Home Assistant integration, I also created an asynchronous library, modeled after the one used for the Moen Flo integration.


having one installed Friday - looking forward to testing out HA integration! thx.

Both are ridiculous expensive solutions for something that can be solved with a 50eu device: