Phyn integration - Water leak detector

Do you have more information? If you can give me the error log that would be extremely helpful.

Edit: glad it’s working. Next time if you can copy the error log, I can see what’s happening

Saw this today too, but didn’t get a chance to report it. The proxy server was hard-coded into the last commit. Worked fine once I removed it.

Shoot, yeah. I’m using that for testing. I’ve corrected the release. Good catch

Thanks for the clarification. This makes sense—I’m a software developer myself so I understand the idea of different forks having varying degrees of activity, etc.—and I’m beyond appreciative for all of the work you’ve all put into developing this.

It’d be great if the Phyn integration eventually became an included integration since it’d clear up confusion around which fork is the most up to date/active/battle-tested, etc. But I understand that there’s overhead involved in doing so and will defer to all of you as to what you think is best.

For now, I’ll try the jordanruthe version. Thanks again!

Anyone have a good way to automate shutting off the device after 6 minutes? I have tried a few different things and I am not able to achieve consistent results.

Shutting off as in turning the valve off? Or what do you mean?

Yes, looking to shut off the H2wise valve after water has been flowing for x minutes. I have tried a bunch of stuff and nothing is consistent. Tried when the flow sensor changes from off for x minutes, shut off the valve. However, if will go from off, to high, to medium, to low and that breaks the start time from ‘off’. Tried when the flow rate is above 0 but the sensor seems inconsistent so it does not always work. Even tried when anything changes on the device and the water flowing is not = off for x mins and that did not work.

Here is what I have now which should technically work but does not.

alias: Water - Turn off after 6 mins
description: “”

  • type: volume_flow_rate
    platform: device
    device_id: ba31534f56bc426abeeb29c1f2df378e
    entity_id: a666e823031b242ddba68716682cda61
    domain: sensor
    above: 0
    hours: 0
    minutes: 6
    seconds: 30
  • service: valve.close_valve
    data: {}
    entity_id: valve.phyn_pp2_shutoff_valve
    device_id: ba31534f56bc426abeeb29c1f2df378e
    area_id: garage
    mode: single

Thank you for this, works like a charm.

Does any one know if there is a local or to mqtt or grafana version. This integration seems to blow up my DB size so Id like to remove the history from entities and just have it in grafana instead.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to switch from the original Phyn integration to the new, most-actively-maintained one while keeping the history intact? I.e. so it doesn’t look like I had one Phyn unit until 5/2024 and then another from this point forward? Would still love a single continuous graph of my water usage.

Some of the sensors have changed/created, but it’s mostly the same and able to be transferred by just having HACS install the other version in a reboot.

I would recommend just backing up your homeassistant installation and trying it.

BestBuy is clearing these out for $60, fyi

MizterB thanks for your hard work. I looked for this before your work started and had given up on a HA integration. I just found and installed this today. I was part of the original Phyn beta program before the 1st gen product was released. I also have another beta product installed, your integration identifies as “pc1”. It has to flow sensors that are installed on both the hot and cold water pipes under my kitchen sink. I don’t think that device made it out of beta. It’s awesome that your integration knows what to do with that data.

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I believe thats just the regular Phyn as seen here, Phyn Smart Water Assistant

Your are correct. Although my beta product doesn’t look nearly as polished.