Physical Handclap as a Wake Word for Voice Activation

Hello Home Assistant Community,

I am proposing a feature to integrate a physical handclap as a wake word for triggering voice-controlled actions. This would be an way to activate Home Assistant without using a traditional spoken command, providing an alternative.

Potential Benefits:
Convenience: More fun, and allows for quick and easy activation without needing to speak.

Implementation Consideration:
The system would need to distinguish between the sound of a clap and other similar noises to prevent unintended activations. This might require analysis of the clap’s acoustic signature.
Integration could potentially utilize existing microphone setups without the need for additional hardware.
I believe this feature would make Home Assistant even more versatile and user-friendly. I would love to hear thoughts from the community and the developers on this idea. If you also find this feature valuable, please show your support!

Thank you for considering this proposal.

If you’re not wanting to speak, why involve voice. Just do this Clap your hand ... turn on the light

Yes. Clap to wake up … but you then have to speak for a command. Or should it consider clapping in morse code to understand the command?


I understand your response. For me it is just a gimmick I would like to show off when I have quests. A new (for HA) variation on a wake word, a wake sound…

Until you have a party and everyone is clapping …