Physical Switch to deactivate door sensors

So I’m going to get some Door Sensors and a Siren (all Z-Wave). Is there some sort of switch, or button or control panel that I can buy that I can use?

Effectively, I want to be able to flip some sort of “ARM” switch in my bedroom at night to turn on all the door sensors so the siren will go off. I’d probably have a condition in one of the automation to track that the switch is armed or disarmed.

Any ideas?

Hmm… I was hoping for something simpler, like a literal toggle switch, that home assistant could read as ON or OFF. i’ll look in to this.

Do you use Xiaomi components? You could use their wireless switch to ARM and DISARM (with single and double click, for example).

Or get one of those Z-Wave Minimotes and ARM / DISARM your system with those?

Aeon Z-Wave Minimote

I don’t currently have an Xiaomi components. I have a Wink hub I use to connect my Zigbee and Z-Wave devices to and thats exposed to Home Assistant

Then maybe those Minimote’s would be the easiest solution?

I have two sitting around at home but had no time to connect them yet :frowning:

I have two Wink Relays on the way (thank you Black Friday). I might be able to create a shortcut on there to disable the sensors. That should be sufficient

I use the Xiaomi (ZigBee) round button switches. They are awesome :hugs:. The great thing is they are battery powered, so nice and handy to put anywhere. If you use the custom alarm component
you can also create an automation that arms/disarms using the button. (You could do the same with a z-wave remote too)