Picnic integration into HA


First of all, I do not know if this is post has te correct tags.

I have been reading along and enjoying this forum for quite a few months now. At this moment I do live with a few roommates and it is hard to implement anything meaningful automations. I saw the request for a picnic integration on the forums and I am willing to contribute to this. I do have some data-science experience so I was able to figure out how the internal API works at picnic and I am able to interact with the cart and get status updates.

However I do not have any experience in software development, so I do have some questions before I commit to this endeavor:

  • Where do I with reading in order to learn how to properly develop this?
  • How many hours a month would be needed for general upkeeping for such a small ‘plug-in’?
  • Is it allowed to interact with an API which is generally meant for interaction with the app only?
  • Any tips in general?

Thanks in advance!

Is this a REST API? If so you would probably be able to get the data into home assistant with a rest sensor.

I’ve tried to make this work using the REST sensor, sadly picnic uses a temporary authentication token which can change. So there is a need to login and reacquire said token. As far as I see this seems not possible with the REST sensor.