Picnic Integration

Anyone feeling up to creating a Picnic integration?

I’m mostly interested in the notifications side:

  • When something is ordered and how much it cost
  • The scheduled delivery date and time
  • if the delivery date and time is updated
  • if the groceries have been delivered

Of course, you can also do more such as actually ordering the groceries as well.

There is already a Homey integration here, if that helps.

Would be interested as well! Maybe even make a way to control your shopping list, this way you can automate multiple input sources (Ghome, Notes, Phone etc.) into your shoppinglist.


Also interested!

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Also very Interested. Unfortunately picnic doesn’t expose their API, I’ve had multiple chats with them about this topic. I think until they allow API access this will not be possible.

EDIT: I see now there’s homey integration, so it might be possible!


Also interested in this! Nobody started on this yet I think?

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I’ve created an integration for Picnic! Please check out my post over here.