Please answer this student survey - win a gift card!

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We are a team of management students at the University of Cologne doing research on online KNX communities. As a result, we ask that you take 5-7 minutes to complete our survey to help us with our project if you are familiar with KNX systems.
To show our appreciation, you can win one of two 10 Euro Amazon gift cards! Thank you in advance.

I failed to answer the first question.
What is KNX?

Tried to google it. But gave up after 15 minutes. 500 companies attached… but no real information about device, interface, software, whatever found…

Can you provide more information about knx devices?

Its a standard and protocol for building control mainly used in Europe. And, of course, supported by HomeAssistant :wink:

Have read that :wink:.

Bu that’s now an answto the question