Plex Picture Entity on Chromecast

Hello to all,

I have recently discovered the Color Extractor integration which i have successfully set up and use with Spotify and i like it very much. Unfortunately i am not able to do the same with Plex while casting to my Chromecast because there is no picture entity.

To be more exact, what i am trying to do is to cast from my plex server to the Chromecast, and have color extractor analyze the color from the movie artwork and change some LED Stips to that color. It seems that if i cast from plex, there is no image, but if i cast from another source there is. Here is an example:

Casting from PLEX:
As you can see, the chromecast media player does not show any image while the plex chromecast entity does.

Casting from YouTube:
Here we can see that casting from another source such as YouTube results in the having an image in the Chromecast entity.

While searching in the forums, i have found a similar post with no resolution as well, here it is:

I am not able to understand if the problem is with the Chromecast entity or Plex or both.
I have tried to remove and re-install both integrations with no result. Both Plex and Home assistant runs on SSL (https) so that shouldn’t be the problem.

So i reach out to you for advice if anyone has solved this one and how and if not, could you please redirect me on where should i raise the issue in order to be looked up and fixed?

Thank you very much
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I am also looking for an answer!