Plugwise USB Stick / Circle+


I got a bunch of old Plugwise Circle plugs, as well as a Circle+ and a Plugwise USB stick. I sourced them second hand from different sources. This means the Circle+ is not paired with the USB stick. So now I’m looking for a method to get that fixed.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • This Python script. It’s very outdated. I first ran 2to3 on it, to convert it from Python 2 to 3. After fixing some Python errors after that, it still didn’t pair the Circle+ to the Stick.
  • This also outdated Python script. Although it’s Python 3, I also couldn’t get it to work. The documentation is minimal and unclear.
  • I found a link to the original Plugwise Source software here. I installed a trial version of Parallels on my MacBook and installed the Source software. I had to manually install DotNet Framework first, but than it installed. However, it doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the Stick. When I plug the stick in, Parallels asks if it needs to connect the stick to macOS or to Windows, I choose Windows of course. But nothing happens, the Source software keeps “searching for the Stick”.
  • (I noticed there’s a feature request for the Plugwise USB integration to integrate the pairing directly into the integration, but that’s open for almost 2 years now, so I’m not sure if that will ever be added.)

Is there any other way to pair my Circle+ to my Stick? I have available:

  • A MacBook Air with M2 processor (with a trial version of Parallels, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the stick working on that)
  • An Odroid machine where HomeAssistant runs on.

As I understand it, once I have paired the Circle+ to the Stick, the other Circles will pair to the Circle+ automatically, once I reset them via plugging in/out for 3 seconds 3 times in a row. I really hope I can get this all to work, since that will enable me to measure energy usage of a lot of devices with these very cheap Circle plugs.