PoE Outdoor Camera Suggestions

I am after some advice for Camera suggestions for my HA set up.

  • I am after a PoE Camera
  • Outdoor (under eaves, no ice/snow)
  • Obviously waterproof
  • Doesn’t need to be dynamically tilted, but needs a reasonable range of view
  • Good performance in low light conditions
  • Motion sensing would be great

I am from Aus

I have a Qnap T419 as a media centre - not sure if I could use this for local recording of content or whether the processor is too slow

hikvision / foscam seems to be frequently mentioned, anyone have any strong preferences


I’m in Aus too and I buy all mine directly from CCDCam in China. I prefer domes for their resistance to people ripping them down or tilting them away.

These are good:

also, with the two-way audio you can connect a mic and small amplified speaker to use it as an intercom. Very cool

These come highly recommended by folks that seem to know what they are talking about. I purchased one last week and am very happy with it so far!

The one I linked is 5MP vs the 2MP of that AliExpress one, plus a fraction of the cost. I think they are about US$50 each. I used to work in CCTV and security installation, I haven’t had any trouble with these at all. I put 6 in my dads place 2 years ago and they have been great. Some of his are fully exposed to the element being mounted sideways on walls, no water ingress. I have an older model in my place before they went PoE. They also sell crazy cheap PoE switches, again haven’t had any trouble with them in years of use. I bought NVR’s from them and had some trouble getting the first one set up correctly (just needed a tick box clicked) and their service was great. They did a skype call with me to guide me through things. I probably sound like a rep for them but I’m just trying to help a fellow Aussie (and HA enthusiast) on the cheap! One thing to note is that customs will make you pay GST on orders over $1000. I got stung with one of my orders

Thanks Sparky

Do you have yours integrated into HA?

Are they able to trigger events on detection of motion, and what is the night vision like?

not sure if you got this far but look into motioneye for NVR software.
It allows you to send notifications (command line code, email, etc) on motion or other camera based events.

I’ve used hosafe cams. about US $30-40 has dome and bullet version (ip, onvif, no audio). images are good.
I switched to ssying cams, same as hosafe and slightly cheaper with slightly better software (both are insecure so do not allow WAN connection). these are not wide angle. maybe 70degree or so but I needed several camera with tight view not large area so they work for me.

i’v used cams @sparkydave pointed to in past. At $50 they are nice.

I dont have my HA set up yet as I have just sold my house so I’m currently just getting things ready for the next house, buying bits and pieces and working out how I’ll do things.

I am running a stand alone NVR which has its own motion detection / recording built in (purchased from CCDCam as well). It does have a bunch of output contacts that you can trigger on movement which could be used to integrate into HA. I know the cameras do have motion detection built in and even have a USB port where you can record footage locally at the camera based on motion, but I never used either or these functions since the NVR did it all. Since the cameras do have motion detection I would imagine you could have them relay this info to HA.

Night vision is good as long as you keep the dome clean.

Did you order directly through the website listed?

I have sent an enquiry as I didn’t see a portal to purchase. Will see what they respond with

I just email one of the sales reps there, ‘Vivian’ who sorts out my orders. If you ask for the latest pricing she (or whoever else) should be able to send you a spread sheet of all the cameras, NVR’s, switches etc. The latest one I got from her was a few months back now.

The Home Assistant integration for HIkvision cameras is pretty good, I currently have two cheap ones from Aliexpress I’m happy with:


  • Hikvision camera switch - Works well if you’re using ‘Normal’ event detection on the camera. If you’re using ‘Expert’ detection, this switch will change it back to normal every time you switch it off.

  • Hikvision binary sensor - Very good motion detection sensor, can be a bit laggy though.

For the stream I just have the camera: platform generic. Haven’t tried the MPEG variant.

The Hikvision camera on Aliexpress are copies, this is why they warn you not to upgrade the firmware, as they are not compatible with any firmware downloaded from the Hik websites… be careful what you buy, go to a trusted distributor of Hik in Aus.

Yes, I should have mentioned that. If I remember correctly they sell the Chinese version on Aliexpress and install a modified English firmware on it, upgrading to an official version of the english firmware won’t work and will most likely brick your camera.

I’m happy with the Aliexpress ones, as they were only 1/4 of the price of ‘official’ ones here in the Netherlands and they work fine for my needs. But as you say, be careful what you buy and be aware that the AE version is the Chinese version and not a true Hikvision International version.

not that I’ve tried but wouldnt the generic IP cam component be good with any IP cam, therefore allowing you to use something like what I suggested? I’m soon to be getting my HASS up and running in a new house and planning on connecting it to the CCDCam cameras which have been great for me for years. Full HD, 5MP.

Yes, the generic IP cam component should work with all cameras as long the camera exposes a stream or snapshot. I’ve tried a number of cameras and all of them have had this functionality.

My 2cents

I use Foscams myself. They work flawlessly with HA and tick all the boxes in OPs post - with exception of triggering automations in HA if there is movement - purely because, I have not tried to do this. Having said that, HA does pick up a state, and ive seen it as idle or move, so it is probably possible. The firmware is pretty good and it can record on demand or on movement

I have 2 indoor, Foscam C2s

One bulletcam

And two domes

They cover the entire perimeter of my house, as well as the front and back doors (indoor cams) and are all POE (POE injector or switch required)

Havent had any issues with them, although they dont pan/tilt which would be a nice addon
The links are the ones I have, but be aware they have released some that are updated, higher res, better nightvision etc.

I hope to be able to report back on how I go getting the CCACam cameras integrated (with motion detection) into HA in about a months time once I’m all set up in my new place.

where do you buy them from in AU?

what components do you need/setup to use them as motion detection, etc?

I don’t buy them in Aus. I deal directly with the manufacturer in China and get them shipped over here. It’s still far cheaper than buying the gear locally. I’m talking a quarter of the price or better. The cameras have motion detection software built in. The only other equipment you need is a PoE switch (which they sell me as well) and the Ethernet cables (they also sell crazy cheap).

Give these guys a try, i did a couple of weeks for them when i went out there a few years ago, www.sts.net.au
They supply Hik kit now a days

the contact details are at the bottom of their website

I suggest these cameras as they have been great for me. they are only about AU$70 delivered. If you wire in a microphone and speaker to the audio connections on it you can also use it as an intercom over IP.