Poll: Requirements for 2.0

  • I am okay with being required to update to 0.90 to fully use 2.0.
  • I am NOT okay with being required to update to 0.90 to fully use 2.0.

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Fully use 2.0 of what exactly?


0.90 will be here in 2 weeks so I think this isn’t unreasonable. Particularly if it saves you some coding work by being able to leverage some cool new feature coming in 0.90…


the subforum is IOS App, so just a wild guess its probably that


Ah yeah I see it, wasn’t very clear by the title alone. No problem. Can I find the changes in 2.0 already? If so I would love a link to that page.


Thank you Robbie!


I’m OK with running 0.90 for 2.0

Will 32 bit Apple devices running iOs 9.x still be supported in 2.0?




I guess that’s the price of progress; 32bit devices are getting rather old now but I still have a few kicking about which I still use for notifications of HA events. Newer versions of xcode can only support so many devices.

Just a quick question when it says

But, fear not, since you will get at least 1 more bug fix update before we say goodbye, and even with the iOS 12 changes you aren’t missing much.

Does this mean iOs 9.x devices will recieve an update to the app-store which supports the new auth system of app version 1.5+? I’m using Testflight right now but the beta expires after 90 days.

Sorry for going a little off topic, I’m just trying to keep up with all the changes :slight_smile:


if we are forced to update to 0.90 and 2.0 for the iOS app, will it break functionality in v1.5 of the iOS app that is running on an iPad 3 running 9.3.5? I understand that iPad will no longer get updates for the app, but will it still function or are there enough changes in 0.90 and 2.0 that would break the older version?


The ios component will remain available for 1.5/iOS 9 devices.


Yes, 1.5.1 is pending release.

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That great, thanks very much :slight_smile:


Whatever makes your life easier and gets it into my hot little hands sooner, Robbie. Thanks for your hard work!


ugh… looks like i need to bite the bullet and convert to lovelace lol


go on chris., you know you want to!


HA 0.90.x breaks some functionality of the ios app (though sometimes it does this on desktop too). When trying to open the sidepanel and config it will just hang on the first page (config page) until I press config again in the sidebar. Persistant notifications no longer fit the screen (when pressing the bell icon).

I know this isn’t the right thread probably, but I thought the creator of the 2.0 app should probably know this.


it’s a HA beta bug. Not the app.