Pool Automation - iAqualink


My pool has an automation controller which happens to have a IP based remote control and some IOS and Android apps… I’ve started the process of building a platform and a few components that control the pool features, modes, heater and report back temperatures and etc… was wondering if anyone else had a Jandy system and was also interested in this functionality?


If you build it they will come.


I have one and I am interested for sure.


OK… I just need to clean up the code… Now that the controller is off the for the winter I can also do some validation of connectivity checking.

The only challenge I’ve run into is presenting a “Control the light color” so that might need to be a static value until HA introduces a Input Select in light object.


Very interested. I just got a iq20 today and the app is just so bad


I too would be very interested in this… please keep us a abreast of progress!


So I’ve got the concept built and working, the only challenge is Colored pool lights which have a pre-defined color set. There is no way in the HA GUI to preset a color choice in this form, only the color wheel. If you guys can live with a On/Off light button and define the color in the config then I can package this up as a component and see if they accept it into the main branch.


Essentially you are saying we would need to create an input select with defined colours (red, blue etc) and lose the ability to use a colour wheel instead? I am certainly fine with that.

Does it work with any particular iAqualink controller? Sorry, still investigating this product.


I’m interested in this and have a pool with iAqualink 2.0 running now. I’m a total newbie to HomeAssistant but would love to test it. :slight_smile:


Happy to test as well!


Interested here


Hey mcnutter,

I am also interested in test/working on the iAqualink component. Do you have a github fork or anything that you can share? Thanks.


Currently having a pool installed with this system. Would love to have the control in HA. Are you still developing this?