Popp Z-rain, get "rain today" from cumulated value

Hi all,

I have a “Popp Z-rain” rain gauge. It reports the following values:
Rain rate, mm/h
Rain, total (since reset)
Battery level

I’d like to have the possibility to use HA to calculate the amount of rain that has fallen since 0:00 today, alternatively rain that has fallen for the last 24 hours. The calculated value should be represented just like “Rain, total”, i.e. like a separate sensor value. Is that possible?

I’ve searched for a solution, but haven’t been able to understand how to solve it. I believe that a history sensor can be used, but I don’t understand how. I see that it has been discussed in this topic, but it doesn’t seem to have been resolved (the problem is that there aren’t any states for “on” and “off”, only the “Rain, total” value to work with.

I have used the " Utility Meter" integration, and I think it can get you daily, weekly, monthly readings according how you set it up.

It worked great. Thanks!

@DreamT80 Can you share your settings please?

@rrrr1234 , I use the following in configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    source: sensor.popp_rainmeter_total_rain
    cycle: daily
    name: Rainfall, daily

, where you replace “sensor.popp_rainmeter_total_rain” with the entity that you use for total rain.

Nowadays you can do the same thing via the GUI. It’s no use posting screenshots from my GUI since it’s in swedish. But I think you do it via settings (or config) → automations → helpers → create helper. Here you can select “Utility meter” and do the same thing.