Possibility to reset motion detection

Hey there,

I have a question about the possibility to reset the motion detection of a motion sensor (zigbee LIDL SilverCrest).

My idea: I want to trigger a light when motion was detected, turn it off after a couple of seconds when the state of the motion sensor changes. Right now, the motion sensor resets after one minute, after this time it is possible to detect motion again.
The room where the light is, is a little room with our coatrack, so that means, that the maximum of time someone is in that little room is maybe 20 to 30 seconds.

So I tried to set the state (with the pyscript from @rodpayne) of the motion sensor to ‘off’ after a timer ran out. The light was triggered though, but the motion sensor didn’t detect any motion until the initial minute ran out.

So my question: Is it in any way possible to set the detection time of a motion sensor, so the motion sensor can detect motion after the status was set to ‘off’?

In the sensor itself, yes. Anything else is just asking for problems. That, if it supported it (and this one almost certainly doesn’t) would be done through the Zigbee integration you’re using.


Hi, I have a similar problem with a Lenovo (tuya) sensor. It never resets to clear and the only way I have found to do this is via the Developer Tools (setting it to ‘off’) however there seems no way to do this programmatically. I’ve tried the python script but it doesn’t seem to work either. Any help appreciated before I return it. :frowning:

Agree with @Tinkerer

The Philips Hue go down to 8 seconds if I recall correctly. If you need faster, EcoLink have a 5 sec test mode. Beyond that I think you are building your own.

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Cheers, is there any way to replicate the functionality of the “set state” in developer options? ie from @Tinkerer : "In the sensor itself, yes. " - would you please explain how?

Was it this python script?:


Worked good for me in the past. But the problem is that the sylvercrest would not send another motion detection until 60 seconds are reached.
So maybe it would be better to change the automation trigger to something like
“Trigger if motion sensor is on for 20 seconds”
I think what tinkerer meant is, if the sensor itself supports it, yes. But the sylvercrest only supports 60 seconds cooldown time, so there is no really good solution for this device.

You really need the sensor itself to handle this, or the integration. Trying to code around broken hardware, or software, is just going to lead to more pain in the future.

“Trying to code around broken hardware, or software, is just going to lead to more pain in the future.” - This is all I do with Home Assistant and multi-vendor solutions. Anything is better than my hardware not working at all. And lets face it, HACS is called HACS for a reason. We just get things to work until HA or the vendor breaks it and then we start again. At the moment I have a $50 piece of trash sitting on the floor unable to be used. If I can simply reset the detection It will work as intended. If at some point the “bug” is fixed, then I just remove my extra code, simple.

I just want to know how to programmatically replicate the function that is in developer tools. That’s all. Its obviously simple and possible because its sitting right there in developer tools. I might have to write an RPA script to click-through the web UI. Which is completely insane. But if thats what I gotta do… :\

Here is the answer until the integration works correctly:

  disarm_motion_: 'curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_token>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d ''{"state": "Clear"}'' http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8123/api/states/binary_sensor.smart_motion_sensor'

Did someone try this curl above?
Where should i put this code?