Powering ESP

May I ask a few questions as I’m new to the ESP32 topic?

  1. Can I use this to power the ESP32 (I want to power it from 230V AC)?


1.1) If yes, 5V or 3.3V Version?
2) Can I connect multiple Sensors to it? (in my Case 1 Presence Sensor and 1 Temperature Sensor)
2.1) Can I connect the Sensors (e.g. LD2410) wired and do they get the power from the ESP?

Thank you very much!

1 yes
1.1 5v
2. Yes
2.1 yes

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If you are not already aware, you may like to consider and understand electrical certification of the power supply for your country.


Yep. They don’t look super safe to me.
Those are barely more expensive and certified (or at least the sticker says so).


You don’t really believe that, do you? I’ve had (and tried to repair) number of such “certified” adapters - thes have exactly the same electronics inside, they are apjust a bit more expensive because they have “more elaborate” casing, that’s all.

But, back to topic: i have a number of esp’s powered by such low-cost modules, all work well. It’s a good practice to insert a fuse on the primary side, though, and, although they are isolated, i rather wouldn’t use them when parts of any wires on secondary side (like sensors etc…) can be touched. But, that’s a very rare case anyway, i guess.

What? That I’m ready to pay 0.85€ more for a better case and CE certification (that I’ll assume genuine unless proved otherwise)?
Absolutely :wink:

Now, at the end of the day, I power all my “nodemcu-like” ESP with phone chargers or powerstrips + USB output anyway :slight_smile:
The ones above I bought those to power ledstrips along…

No, i meant that i hope you don’t believe that adapters in (better) case and 1€ more expensive are really more safe… they’re not. Electronics is exactly the same inside. And that CE marking is really not European certificate, but “china export”.
And… you should see what’s inside cheap chinese USB phone chargers (hint: same as above…). And stated max. current is only wishfull thinking.

Well, now you seem a bit complotist, although you are correct it’s not a certification :wink:

OFC, everything can be fake, but I stand on my belief that that power brick I have in hand definitely gives me more confidence than the flimsy thing above…

No, i meant THIS
You can have more confidence, but as i said, it’s fake confidence…


Good one, I had no clue.

But the one I show is actually the EU marking according to your link. Note the FCC marking as well.

But yeah, at the end of the day there is definitely little risk on an ESP alone.

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