Powerline smart switch


Are there any smart switches witch can work with no RF or Wi-Fi but with powerline (network through electricity cables)?

I use sonoff but I am looking if there is a way to have lower emf radiation.

UPB and X10 are powerline only protocols. Insteon is as well if you don’t buy the “dual band” ones.

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Thanks for the reply and information.

Have you tested any of these devices?

All of my lights are Insteon, I use an ISY hub. My old house was X10 but it is highly unreliable. I have not used UPB.

Realize that with powerline protocols communication may not work across phases. Insteon uses two RF modules to bridge the phases, I don’t think you can buy hardwired phase couplers for Insteon anymore. I believe UPB sends a spike that is strong enough to cross phases at the transformer in some cases, but you may need a phase coupler if the signal can’t cross or the transformer is too far away.

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Other possibility would be LAN, i guess? Not sure about available products, but worth checking…

Thank you again for the information.

I looked at https://www.insteon.com but most products write “dual band” - how i can find only “non - dual band” ?

Its nice that there is an option with RF modules to bridge the phases.

I searched a bit - still havent found solutions…

Other posibility would be a central switchboard, that manages the wires going to your outlets. It’s the hard way (rewiring), but if wireless is a no go, something like this is an option…

(no experience here, just an example)


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