Prana 150 homeassistant integration

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone is using Prana recuperators. I have one and would like to control it using bluetooth but I can’t get it working. I have found the following project

It installs fine but I can’t get it to connect to the recuperator. I try to pair using the bluetoothctl in the command line and I get a connection error:

[CHG] Device 00:A0:50:EE:F1:15 Connected: yes
Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed
[CHG] Device 00:A0:50:EE:F1:15 Connected: no

I can use connect but that doesn’t do anything and still the integration doesn’t work.

I have also tried a different project from github here but that only managed to turn the recuperator on and off, the rest of the controls were unavailable.

Is there a solution for these devices?

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I have found a fork of the prana integration on github that works so far! For anyone interested you can find it here:

I can control the speed, air direction and that’s about it but this is what I wanted anyway. It takes a bit for the command to be registered but it works!


Did you manage to make this integration work over bluetooth proxy? Running HA in a VM and 1 esp as proxy but never managed to make the integration you mentioned to work. Thanks!

no, sorry. at the moment I am using the remote it came with. maybe at some point I will have enough free time and build an esp ir remote and replicate the remote it came with.

If you are just using IR, get a Broadlink rm mini 4, connect it to HA and after that you can use a service call to learn the ir commands and then broadcast them to the Prana via a service call or script. This is the setup i currently use, but the major issue is that my all my units don’t always “listen” to ir commands (neither from broadlink, nor from it’s own remote) and that causes a lot of missed commands… hence the need to control via bt or wifi.

thanks for this! i’ll look into it. it is a shame that these recuperators can only be controlled only through that silly app or remote

You’re welcome! Search Youtube for: broadlink everything smart home (i don’t think i can post links yet) and it will guide you through the process. It’s what helped me.

Fun fact: these Pranas have an ESP 32 that runs them. Hopefully someone figures out a way to get ESPHome on them!

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i suspected that! but i don’t have the knowledge to modify them! It will be a gamechanger!

They now have a Wi-Fi version. Wonder if one can swap the electronics to have a reliable integration.

I have Pranas with bluetooth and wifi, found this solution that actually works on bluetooth:

More info:

It automatically detects the devices via Bluetooth proxy even. So far if the signal is good, works great.

Someone mentioned that adding new devices (thing I don’t need currently) is not working since the latest HASS updates, more info in issues:

If someone could pick up this project maintenance, it would be great, the current author stated not to have the time for it, but he made a hell of a start, totally plug and play.

Just talked to Prtana’s support and they confirmed that HA integration is being developed and will be available [God knows when]


how do you install this?

Git - Code - Download Zip
extract to HASS \config\custom_components\prana
(for example via the Samba addon share)
Reboot HASS
It should automatically detect new devices via Bluetooth devices in range, if you have a Bluetooth proxy.
My BT proxy is Olimex, with ESPHome flashed to it from HASS.

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wow wait, what is a bluetooth proxy? i have a bluetooth dongle in my HA server but that’s it. I did the rest but when I input the mac address and give it a name it asks if prana turned on and off but it doesn’t.

A bluetooth dongle is a proxy, it proxies BT data to an HASS machine.

Devices would need to be auto-detected, then add them.
If not auto-detected, I don’t know how to add them manually nor if it’s possible.

If you did get them listed, try answering that it did turn off and on, then it might work afterwards being added, I remember vaguely that it happened to me as well at least once.

they don’t appear in the integration itself. i get the max address from bluetoothctl where prana appears. can you or anyone write the proper procedure with this integration please?

I wrote exactly as it goes, it just pops up detected (at least it did few versions back, now I did not retest in fear of losing connection).

I tried adding macs back in the day as well, did not work.
So if not autodetected, don’t bother with it with this integration.

Note that my Bluetooth dongle/proxy supports HomeAssistant’s original ESPHome firmware, that could be the key to autodetection.

See here for a list of supported devices.

in the same boat here… where can i find the bt mac address of my prana? so far this seems the most promising way to integrate prana into ha

Hello. I installed the integration, it finds the device but unfortunately the recuperators are unavailable, what could be the problem? Bluetooth proxy works because it connects to the Xiaomi sensor.

Did you change the passcode on the prana by any chance? I think this could throw off communications between HA and Prana.

How did you manage to get the integration to discover the Prana device?