Prana 150 homeassistant integration

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone is using Prana recuperators. I have one and would like to control it using bluetooth but I can’t get it working. I have found the following project

It installs fine but I can’t get it to connect to the recuperator. I try to pair using the bluetoothctl in the command line and I get a connection error:

[CHG] Device 00:A0:50:EE:F1:15 Connected: yes
Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed
[CHG] Device 00:A0:50:EE:F1:15 Connected: no

I can use connect but that doesn’t do anything and still the integration doesn’t work.

I have also tried a different project from github here but that only managed to turn the recuperator on and off, the rest of the controls were unavailable.

Is there a solution for these devices?

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I have found a fork of the prana integration on github that works so far! For anyone interested you can find it here:

I can control the speed, air direction and that’s about it but this is what I wanted anyway. It takes a bit for the command to be registered but it works!


Did you manage to make this integration work over bluetooth proxy? Running HA in a VM and 1 esp as proxy but never managed to make the integration you mentioned to work. Thanks!

no, sorry. at the moment I am using the remote it came with. maybe at some point I will have enough free time and build an esp ir remote and replicate the remote it came with.

If you are just using IR, get a Broadlink rm mini 4, connect it to HA and after that you can use a service call to learn the ir commands and then broadcast them to the Prana via a service call or script. This is the setup i currently use, but the major issue is that my all my units don’t always “listen” to ir commands (neither from broadlink, nor from it’s own remote) and that causes a lot of missed commands… hence the need to control via bt or wifi.

thanks for this! i’ll look into it. it is a shame that these recuperators can only be controlled only through that silly app or remote

You’re welcome! Search Youtube for: broadlink everything smart home (i don’t think i can post links yet) and it will guide you through the process. It’s what helped me.

Fun fact: these Pranas have an ESP 32 that runs them. Hopefully someone figures out a way to get ESPHome on them!

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i suspected that! but i don’t have the knowledge to modify them! It will be a gamechanger!