Prediction: The probability of YoLink releasing a “local” hub by January 1, 2025, is 10%

Prediction: The probability of YoLink releasing a “local” hub by January 1, 2025, is 10%.
The rationale for this prediction has 5 parts.

  1. YoLink products are now available at Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart. These are high volume retail distribution channels with a broad customer base. The customer base is not sufficiently sophisticated to see the advantage of local vs cloud architecture. YoLink is selling into the broad retail market, not the hobbyist market.
  2. YoLink is no longer supporting Discord, Reddit, and Home Assistant forums. YoLink’s forum facing presence, Eric, has disappeared and has not been replaced. The population that inhabits these forums is no longer YoLink’s marketing target.
  3. The return on investment for developing a local hub is unclear. The demand for a local hub is limited to a small, albeit sophisticated, market. The development effort seems to me, from the outside, to be more than a few months to less than a year.
  4. Providing a local hub to the retail market would places YoLink in the position of supporting two different architectures. Supporting a local hub will increase expenses.
  5. YoLink has not released local hub specifications or a delivery date. The specifications, development, test, fabrication, test, documentation cycle for a commercial product is typically lengthy. Yes, YoLink said they were going to develop a local hub, but ….
    There are individuals on this forum that are anxiously awaiting a local hub. My prediction is that this is not going to happen.

I am impressed by YoLink products, so I did “due diligence” on YoSmart and YoLink. The results were rather opaque. The address of YoLink, 25172 Arctic Ocean Drive Ste 106, Lake Forest, California 92630 looks like a mail drop. A google search on the address returned several companies with the same address. When I attempted to pull a D&B credit report on YoSmart and YoLink, D&B did not have records on either company. The YoLink web site contains the description “YoLink, a division of YoSmart, a US corporation based in Irvine, California, ….”

My YoLink investment is small, a few hundred dollars and it works so I am going to keep using it.

I hope this is interesting. I am going to cross-post this on Home Automation, Reddit and Discord.