Prevent zwavejs addon updates

Hi all,

Since 3 weeks the zwavejs addon does not work with the Aeotec Z‐Stick Gen5 USB Controller anymore. Which means the entire zwave network is down. Several approaches to fix the situation have all failed, but reverting zwavejs from v0.2+ to v0.1.96 has always fixed the issue.

Meanwhile I did upgrade Home Assistant (2023.9.3, 2023.10.0, 2023.10.1, … ) but yesterday I updated to 2023.11 and suddenly the zwavejs updated automatically to v0.2.1, disabling the entire zwave network again.

Now it is impossible to go back to v0.1.96: I restore the backup of zwavejs to v0.1.96 re-enabling the zwave network, but within a few minutes it is automatically updated to v0.2.1 again. ‘Start on boot’ and ‘Watchdog’ are enabled, while ‘Auto update’ is disabled.

Even after completely uninstalling the addon and then restoring a zwavejs v0.1.96 from backup always leads to automatically updating the zwavejs addon.

How can I stay on zwavejs v0.1.96?

Meanwhile I also restored Home Assistant from v2023.11 to v2023.10.2, and then again restoring zwavejs from v0.2.1 to v0.1.96 and now it seems to ‘hold’.

Guess there is something wrong in the 2023.11 update concerning the ‘Auto update’ feature of addons.

By chance are you experiencing this issue: Z-Wave Controller no longer starting with 0.2.0 · Issue #3280 · home-assistant/addons · GitHub.

I had to roll back to 2023.10 until I have sometime to looking into this. With 2023.11 zwave was broken with similar behavior/logs as in the linked issue(3280).

Was one of these approaches disabling soft-reset in the add-on configuration?

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Hi gurumitts, thanks for pointing that out. It sure looks like the situation. I will follow that issue. Found also some other threads here on the forum but its hard to pinpoint the exact issue. So I guess I’m stuck as well on zwavejs v0.1.96 as on Home Assistant v2023.10.

Z-wave JS UI controller unresponsive - Configuration / Z-Wave - Home Assistant Community (

Upgrades today have caused constant unresponsive warnings, resulting in repetitive driver restarts and z wave interruptions - Configuration / Z-Wave - Home Assistant Community (

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Hi freshcoast. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I configured soft-reset from automatically to enabled and disabled but no luck there. Rebooted the service, rebooted the OS, unplugged en plugged the usb controller etc. I also assumed the issue was caused by the Aeotec Z‐Stick Gen5 USB being stuck on firmware 1.1 and I can’t get it to upgrade to fw v1.2 (can backup the zwave network, can update the usb port driver to the aeotec driver, but can’t successfully complete the fw upgrade process) but that’s another story.

Meanwhile it seems that the issue is also with other zwave controllers so I’m doubting that the controller is the cause of the problems. I guess there is not much more to do for now than observe how the situation evolves.

At least the auto-updating has stopped since the Home Assistant downgrade to v2023.10 so I’m glad that everything is functional for now…

There are several additional fixes in Z-Wave JS v12.3.0. You may just have to wait until the add-ons update to that version to see if the issue is addressed.

HA 2023.11 requires add-on v0.2.1 (see Breaking Changes). I was not aware of any logic that would actively upgrade the add-on due to a HA release requirement (the versions are determined by a schema version, not the add-on version), but I can’t say 100% there’s no relation there.


Unless you enjoy suffering :grimacing:…my suggestion would be to update less frequently (i do it every 3-4 months)…make sure you have a good block of time…and make sure you have a good backup and recovery strategy. Lastly read the forums before hand. Right now I’m running two houses on 2023.9.3 and zwavejs 8.26.0 successfully and given the level of the noise in this forum I’m not updating any time soon.

I’m in this exact same spot. I went through pretty much exactly the same thing about a month ago, then updates got that all cleared up for a week or two. Now it’s back. Sorry you’re experiencing this, but I’m also glad it’s not just me and something wrong with my network or configuration.

Someone here suggests less frequent updates. I guess that’s great if you’re not interested in new features, etc. It seems like the developers could instead delay releasing code that’s not fully vetted. They could do the less frequent updates and induce less hassles for us.
Anyway, I’ve got to the point where I do a Win32DiskImage backup of my microsd card when I have a fully functioning instance of Home Assistant. It makes for simpler rollbacks, so I can test out new releases.

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know: I updated HA to 11.1 and the zwavejs addon to 0.3.0 and everything is happy again. For reference I just the gocontrol zwave/zigbee hubz-1 stick.

good luck!