Z-wave JS UI controller unresponsive

For a few weeks now my Z-wave network has been unresponsive. When I restart the UI or do a full reboot the controller state is ready for about 5 seconds then becomes unresponsive, it’ll do that a couple of times and then it states unavailable.
I’ve tried reinstalling the add-on, switching to Z-wave JS, unplugging the Z-Wave stick and resetting the stick. But nothing seems to make a difference.
Since I couldn’t find a recent similar topic about this I decided to create my own.

I run HA on my NAS
Home Assistant 2023.10.3
Supervisor 2023.10.0
Operating System 11.0
Z-Wave JS UI 2.2.1
With an Aeotec Z-Stick 7 FW 7.19.3

Is there a solution to this problem or do I need to wait until it is patched with an update?

2023-10-19T07:21:05.983Z DRIVER   ███████╗ ██╗    ██╗  █████╗  ██╗   ██╗ ███████╗             ██╗ ███████╗
                                  ╚══███╔╝ ██║    ██║ ██╔══██╗ ██║   ██║ ██╔════╝             ██║ ██╔════╝
                                    ███╔╝  ██║ █╗ ██║ ███████║ ██║   ██║ █████╗   █████╗      ██║ ███████╗
                                   ███╔╝   ██║███╗██║ ██╔══██║ ╚██╗ ██╔╝ ██╔══╝   ╚════╝ ██   ██║ ╚════██║
                                  ███████╗ ╚███╔███╔╝ ██║  ██║  ╚████╔╝  ███████╗        ╚█████╔╝ ███████║
                                  ╚══════╝  ╚══╝╚══╝  ╚═╝  ╚═╝   ╚═══╝   ╚══════╝         ╚════╝  ╚══════╝
2023-10-19T07:21:05.983Z DRIVER   version 12.2.0
2023-10-19T07:21:05.984Z DRIVER   
2023-10-19T07:21:05.984Z DRIVER   starting driver...
2023-10-19T07:21:05.984Z DRIVER   opening serial port /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Silicon_Labs_CP2102N_USB_to_UART_Bri
2023-10-19T07:21:06.004Z DRIVER   serial port opened
2023-10-19T07:21:06.005Z SERIAL » 0x15                                                                 (1 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:07.010Z DRIVER   loading configuration...
2023-10-19T07:21:07.014Z CONFIG   Using external configuration dir /data/db
2023-10-19T07:21:07.014Z CONFIG   version 12.2.0
2023-10-19T07:21:07.980Z DRIVER   beginning interview...
2023-10-19T07:21:07.980Z DRIVER   added request handler for AddNodeToNetwork (0x4a)...
                                  1 registered
2023-10-19T07:21:07.980Z DRIVER   added request handler for RemoveNodeFromNetwork (0x4b)...
                                  1 registered
2023-10-19T07:21:07.981Z DRIVER   added request handler for ReplaceFailedNode (0x63)...
                                  1 registered
2023-10-19T07:21:07.981Z DRIVER   added request handler for SerialAPIStarted (0x0a)...
                                  1 registered
2023-10-19T07:21:07.981Z CNTRLR   querying Serial API capabilities...
2023-10-19T07:21:07.983Z SERIAL » 0x01030007fb                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:07.984Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]
2023-10-19T07:21:08.989Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:09.091Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]
2023-10-19T07:21:09.092Z SERIAL » 0x01030007fb                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:09.097Z SERIAL « [CAN]                                                                   (0x18)
2023-10-19T07:21:09.099Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 1100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:09.524Z SERIAL « 0x012b01070713000000040004f6873e88cf2bc04ffbd7fde01700008000808680b (45 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:09.525Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:09.526Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]
                                    payload: 0x0713000000040004f6873e88cf2bc04ffbd7fde01700008000808680ba0500700
2023-10-19T07:21:09.527Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]                                  [unexpected]
                                    payload: 0x0713000000040004f6873e88cf2bc04ffbd7fde01700008000808680ba0500700
2023-10-19T07:21:09.527Z DRIVER   unexpected response, discarding...
2023-10-19T07:21:10.201Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]
2023-10-19T07:21:10.201Z SERIAL » 0x01030007fb                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.210Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.211Z SERIAL « 0x012b01070713000000040004f6873e88cf2bc04ffbd7fde01700008000808680b (45 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.212Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.212Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetSerialApiCapabilities]
                                    payload: 0x0713000000040004f6873e88cf2bc04ffbd7fde01700008000808680ba0500700
2023-10-19T07:21:10.214Z CNTRLR   received API capabilities:
                                    firmware version:    7.19
                                    manufacturer ID:     0x00
                                    product type:        0x04
                                    product ID:          0x04
                                    supported functions: 
                                    · GetSerialApiInitData (0x02)
                                    · SetApplicationNodeInformation (0x03)
                                    · GetControllerCapabilities (0x05)
                                    · SetSerialApiTimeouts (0x06)
                                    · GetSerialApiCapabilities (0x07)
                                    · SoftReset (0x08)
                                    · GetProtocolVersion (0x09)
                                    · SerialAPIStarted (0x0a)
                                    · SerialAPISetup (0x0b)
                                    · SetRFReceiveMode (0x10)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SEND_NODE_INFORMATION (0x12)
                                    · SendData (0x13)
                                    · SendDataMulticast (0x14)
                                    · GetControllerVersion (0x15)
                                    · SendDataAbort (0x16)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_RANDOM (0x1c)
                                    · GetControllerId (0x20)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BYTE (0x21)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BYTE (0x22)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_GET_BUFFER (0x23)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_MEMORY_PUT_BUFFER (0x24)
                                    · EnterBootloader (0x27)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x28 (0x28)
                                    · GetNVMId (0x29)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongBuffer (0x2a)
                                    · ExtNVMReadLongByte (0x2c)
                                    · NVMOperations (0x2e)
                                    · undefined (0x37)
                                    · undefined (0x38)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_ClearNetworkStats (0x39)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GetNetworkStats (0x3a)
                                    · GetBackgroundRSSI (0x3b)
                                    · undefined (0x3c)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_RemoveNodeIdFromNetwork (0x3f)
                                    · GetNodeProtocolInfo (0x41)
                                    · HardReset (0x42)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_COMMAND_COMPLETE (0x44)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REPLICATION_SEND_DATA (0x45)
                                    · AssignReturnRoute (0x46)
                                    · DeleteReturnRoute (0x47)
                                    · RequestNodeNeighborUpdate (0x48)
                                    · ApplicationUpdateRequest (0x49)
                                    · AddNodeToNetwork (0x4a)
                                    · RemoveNodeFromNetwork (0x4b)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_CONTROLLER_CHANGE (0x4d)
                                    · AssignPriorityReturnRoute (0x4f)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SET_LEARN_MODE (0x50)
                                    · AssignSUCReturnRoute (0x51)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_REQUEST_NETWORK_UPDATE (0x53)
                                    · SetSUCNodeId (0x54)
                                    · DeleteSUCReturnRoute (0x55)
                                    · GetSUCNodeId (0x56)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_SUC_ID (0x57)
                                    · AssignPrioritySUCReturnRoute (0x58)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_EXPLORE_REQUEST_INCLUSION (0x5e)
                                    · undefined (0x5f)
                                    · RequestNodeInfo (0x60)
                                    · RemoveFailedNode (0x61)
                                    · IsFailedNode (0x62)
                                    · ReplaceFailedNode (0x63)
                                    · undefined (0x65)
                                    · GetRoutingInfo (0x80)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_LOCK_ROUTE_RESPONSE (0x90)
                                    · GetPriorityRoute (0x92)
                                    · SetPriorityRoute (0x93)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0x98 (0x98)
                                    · FUNC_ID_SERIAL_API_SLAVE_NODE_INFO (0xa0)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SEND_SLAVE_NODE_INFO (0xa2)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_SET_SLAVE_LEARN_MODE (0xa4)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_GET_VIRTUAL_NODES (0xa5)
                                    · FUNC_ID_ZW_IS_VIRTUAL_NODE (0xa6)
                                    · BridgeApplicationCommand (0xa8)
                                    · SendDataBridge (0xa9)
                                    · SendDataMulticastBridge (0xab)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_LIBRARY_TYPE (0xbd)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_SEND_TEST_FRAME (0xbe)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_GET_PROTOCOL_STATUS (0xbf)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD2 (0xd2)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD3 (0xd3)
                                    · UNKNOWN_FUNC_UNKNOWN_0xD4 (0xd4)
                                    · undefined (0xd6)
                                    · undefined (0xd7)
                                    · undefined (0xd8)
                                    · Shutdown (0xd9)
                                    · undefined (0xda)
                                    · undefined (0xdb)
                                    · undefined (0xdc)
                                    · undefined (0xdd)
                                    · undefined (0xde)
                                    · undefined (0xdf)
                                    · undefined (0xe7)
                                    · undefined (0xe8)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.215Z CNTRLR   querying version info...
2023-10-19T07:21:10.217Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.218Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:10.225Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.226Z SERIAL « 0x011001155a2d5761766520372e313900079f                              (18 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.226Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.228Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetControllerVersion]
                                    payload: 0x5a2d5761766520372e31390007
2023-10-19T07:21:10.229Z CNTRLR   received version info:
                                    controller type: Bridge Controller
                                    library version: Z-Wave 7.19
2023-10-19T07:21:10.230Z CNTRLR   querying protocol version info...
2023-10-19T07:21:10.233Z SERIAL » 0x01030009f5                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.234Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetProtocolVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:10.241Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.242Z SERIAL « 0x011901090007130300d7303030303030303030303030303030302e            (27 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.243Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.244Z DRIVER « [RES] [GetProtocolVersion]
                                    payload: 0x0007130300d730303030303030303030303030303030
2023-10-19T07:21:10.246Z CNTRLR   received protocol version info:
                                    protocol type:             Z-Wave
                                    protocol version:          7.19.3
                                    appl. framework build no.: 215
                                    git commit hash:           30303030303030303030303030303030
2023-10-19T07:21:10.247Z CNTRLR   querying serial API setup capabilities...
2023-10-19T07:21:10.250Z SERIAL » 0x0104000b01f1                                                       (6 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.251Z DRIVER » [REQ] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command: GetSupportedCommands
                                    payload: 0x01
2023-10-19T07:21:10.259Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.260Z SERIAL « 0x0116010b01ff9f8007800000008000000000000000800085                  (24 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.261Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.262Z DRIVER « [RES] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command: GetSupportedCommands
                                    payload: 0xff9f80078000000080000000000000008000
2023-10-19T07:21:10.263Z CNTRLR   supported serial API setup commands:
                                  · GetSupportedCommands
                                  · SetTxStatusReport
                                  · SetLRMaximumTxPower
                                  · SetPowerlevel
                                  · GetLRMaximumTxPower
                                  · GetPowerlevel
                                  · GetMaximumPayloadSize
                                  · GetLRMaximumPayloadSize
                                  · SetPowerlevel16Bit
                                  · GetPowerlevel16Bit
                                  · GetRFRegion
                                  · SetRFRegion
                                  · SetNodeIDType
2023-10-19T07:21:10.264Z CNTRLR   Querying configured RF region...
2023-10-19T07:21:10.266Z SERIAL » 0x0104000b20d0                                                       (6 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.267Z DRIVER » [REQ] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command: GetRFRegion
                                    payload: 0x20
2023-10-19T07:21:10.272Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.273Z SERIAL « 0x0105010b2000d0                                                     (7 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.274Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.275Z DRIVER « [RES] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command: GetRFRegion
                                    region:  Europe
2023-10-19T07:21:10.277Z CNTRLR   The controller is using RF region Europe
2023-10-19T07:21:10.277Z CNTRLR   Switching serial API to 16-bit node IDs...
2023-10-19T07:21:10.280Z SERIAL » 0x0105000b800273                                                     (7 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.281Z DRIVER » [REQ] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command:      SetNodeIDType
                                    node ID type: 16 bit
2023-10-19T07:21:10.287Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.289Z SERIAL « 0x0105010b800171                                                     (7 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.289Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.291Z DRIVER « [RES] [SerialAPISetup]
                                    command: SetNodeIDType
                                    success: true
2023-10-19T07:21:10.293Z CNTRLR   Switching to 16-bit node IDs successful
2023-10-19T07:21:10.293Z CNTRLR   querying controller IDs...
2023-10-19T07:21:10.296Z SERIAL » 0x01030020dc                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:10.297Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerId]
2023-10-19T07:21:11.304Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:11.406Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerId]
2023-10-19T07:21:11.407Z SERIAL » 0x01030020dc                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:12.409Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 1100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:13.512Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerId]
2023-10-19T07:21:13.513Z SERIAL » 0x01030020dc                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.516Z CNTRLR   The controller is unresponsive
2023-10-19T07:21:14.516Z DRIVER   Attempting to recover unresponsive controller...
2023-10-19T07:21:14.517Z CNTRLR   Performing soft reset...
2023-10-19T07:21:14.519Z SERIAL » 0x01030008f4                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.520Z DRIVER » [REQ] [SoftReset]
2023-10-19T07:21:14.893Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.895Z SERIAL « [DISCARDED] invalid data 0x8680                                      (2 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.895Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.895Z SERIAL « [DISCARDED] invalid data 0x00                                        (1 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.895Z SERIAL « [CAN]                                                                   (0x18)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.896Z SERIAL « [DISCARDED] invalid data 0xf8669e66fe9e00                            (7 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.896Z SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.896Z SERIAL « [DISCARDED] invalid data 0x86e6                                      (2 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:14.896Z CNTRLR   Waiting for the controller to reconnect...
2023-10-19T07:21:14.897Z DRIVER   all queues idle
2023-10-19T07:21:16.397Z CNTRLR   Waiting for the Serial API to start...
2023-10-19T07:21:21.403Z CNTRLR   Did not receive notification that Serial API has started, checking if it respo
2023-10-19T07:21:21.405Z DRIVER   all queues busy
2023-10-19T07:21:21.406Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:21.407Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:22.409Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:22.511Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:22.512Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:23.516Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 1100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:24.619Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:24.619Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:25.624Z CNTRLR   Serial API did not respond, trying again in 2 seconds...
2023-10-19T07:21:25.625Z DRIVER   all queues idle
2023-10-19T07:21:27.629Z DRIVER   all queues busy
2023-10-19T07:21:27.631Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:27.631Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:28.634Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:28.735Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:28.735Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:29.737Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 1100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:30.840Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:30.841Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:31.844Z CNTRLR   Serial API did not respond, trying again in 5 seconds...
2023-10-19T07:21:31.844Z DRIVER   all queues idle
2023-10-19T07:21:36.847Z DRIVER   all queues busy
2023-10-19T07:21:36.849Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:36.850Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:37.852Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:37.954Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:37.955Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:38.957Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 1100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:40.059Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:40.060Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:41.063Z CNTRLR   Serial API did not respond, trying again in 10 seconds...
2023-10-19T07:21:41.063Z DRIVER   all queues idle
2023-10-19T07:21:51.067Z DRIVER   all queues busy
2023-10-19T07:21:51.069Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:51.069Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:52.073Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:52.175Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:52.175Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:53.179Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 1100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:21:54.282Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:21:54.283Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:21:55.286Z CNTRLR   Serial API did not respond, trying again in 15 seconds...
2023-10-19T07:21:55.287Z DRIVER   all queues idle
2023-10-19T07:22:10.293Z DRIVER   all queues busy
2023-10-19T07:22:10.298Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:22:10.298Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:22:11.302Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 1/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:22:11.403Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:22:11.404Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:22:12.407Z CNTRLR   Failed to execute controller command after 2/3 attempts. Scheduling next try i
                                  n 1100 ms.
2023-10-19T07:22:13.510Z DRIVER » [REQ] [GetControllerVersion]
2023-10-19T07:22:13.511Z SERIAL » 0x01030015e9                                                         (5 bytes)
2023-10-19T07:22:14.515Z CNTRLR   Serial API did not respond, giving up
2023-10-19T07:22:14.515Z DRIVER   destroying driver instance...
2023-10-19T07:22:14.516Z DRIVER   driver instance destroyed

This is the last boot before it went unavailable.

You’ll have to provide some debug logs for anyone to have an idea what may be going wrong. https://zwave-js.github.io/zwave-js-ui/#/troubleshooting/generating-logs?id=driver-logs

Also, it sounds like firmware 7.19 may have some kind of bug. I don’t know if that’s your issue without seeing any logs, but if that were to be the problem, you’d have to wait for Silicon Labs to fix it. Supposedly they are aware of the issue.

How do I post the logs? edit Is this the log you meant?
I have been running firmware 7.19.3 for a long time without having issues, but a couple of weeks ago it was suddenly unresponsive.

I would submit a bug to node-zwave-js and include the logs. Especially if you are able to revert back to a working version and show it working there.

Before that, just to confirm, you don’t have both add-ons installed and running, right?

I am able to revert to older versions but it shows up unresponsive there as well.
No I only have the Zwave JS UI installed and running.

I have the same problem.
I have to manually adjust the headers on the radiators.
I’m trying to restore the backups, but that doesn’t help either.
Oh should I reset the stick and add devices again?

That’s what I’ve done but that doesn’t solve the problem, unfortunately.
I’ve ordered a spare Z-Stick to rule out the defective firmware, otherwise the issue supposedly is in the HA OS.

I have done a usb Aeotec Z-Stick dongle firmware update.
I am configuring the devices again.
It seems to be going well now.

Which Z-Stick do you have? The 700 series or the 500 series?
I am running the latest firmware and I can’t seem to find a way to downgrade it.

Generally it’s not possible to downgrade 700/800. It’s also not obvious to me from the logs that it’s a firmware issue.

I’ve ordered a spare stick just to rule the firmware out but it seems to me the issue lies within the HA OS since there have been several updates to the Zwave UI since my problems started.
It should be delivered tomorrow then I will reinstall the UI and re-do the integration and see if that helps.
If not I just need to wait for an update.

I downloaded from this site.

Z-Stick Gen5+ V1.02 firmware update : Aeotec Help Desk (freshdesk.com)

Received my new Aeotec Z-stick 7 with fw 7.11.0 and I’m happy to report that everything seems to be working for now!

I have a aeotec V1 stick and have the same „unresponsive“ error. Unfortunately I cannot update the firmware or migrate to a newer stick. Is there any way to get this to work since the UI update is blocking the core updates?