Prix carburant France - création module

Hello everyone,

I’m working on create a new sensor that can monitor the fuel prices in France.
But i need help to create the sensor.

The code can :

  • Download the daily export from
  • Download the “station.csv” informations
  • Found all nearest stations
  • export all fuel information.

The code need refactoring.
So i need some python developper in order to help me in the refactoring and the hass sensor creation .

Thanks you :

Code updated !
Can found nearest stations AND/Or found specific station
09/03/2019 : Hass module updated. Nearly functionnal

14/03/2019 : module ready for beta testing ! need betatester

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Hi Max,

I’m really interested by your code.
I’m going to try it in the coming days and will give you a feedback.

Thank you for your job.

Edit : your repo couldn’t be added to HA, as it miss a repository.json like this one :

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New file added.
It’s better for you ?


Hi Max,

I can now add your repository without any error; but still can’t see your add-on in the list.
We look in detail later.

Thank you