Problem discovering Sonoff Tasmota device

I’ve been reading about HA non-stop for the last month and have watched countless youtube tutorials. I finally pulled the trigger and got HASS.IO setup on a PI.

Let me say that starting out from scratch has been a steep learning curve. I’ve poured over the documentation on this page and the tasmota guides and think I must have some settings switched up. Can I have one of you guys look at my settings and see what I’ve screwed up?


Discover some devices automatically


discovery: true
discovery_prefix: homeassistant
password: XXXXXXXXXX

-The Host matches the IP of my HASSIO PI. (do I need :8123 after the IP? I’ve tried it both ways)
-Port 1183 must be correct from the reading I’ve done
-Client, I’ve left as default
-User should match discovery_prefix in MQTT in configuration.yaml?
-password, matches XXXXXXX in mqtt section of configuration.yaml

Any glaring errors? Thanks for your help!

I would suggest try the search option on this forum. This is a common problem which you need to do this.

Thanks for the reply. I did actually find that post and that didn’t seem to work for me. Under my MQTT Integration it sitll says “This integration has no devices” :frowning:

I’ll keep tinkering with it…

Have you set the Option is tasmota for HA discovery

SetOption19 1

Yes, I did try that.

I am trying to use the embedded mqtt broker. Should I try using mosquitto?

I finally got it working! After setting up mosquitto and fiddling with the settings a little more I decided to try updating the tasmota firmware which fixed my problem!

I’m on my way to setting up more devices and creating some utomations! Hooray! Thanks for the help guys!