Problem with climate.eq3btsmart

16-11-13 23:12:28 homeassistant.bootstrap: Not initializing climate.eq3btsmart because could not ins
tall dependency bluepy_devices==0.2.0

Is what I do get im my logifle. Not quite sure what it does mean.

Hi Juergen

There are various problems with this device and one is that bluepy doesn’t install automatically you will have to do this manually.

However when you went through all the effort of getting it recognized then there as still some issues with the component that will prevent you from using it.


Thanks for the feedback. Is there any device you can recommend for the usage with Home Assistant?

Nope I bought these as well to get my first experience as I thought they covered my needs… I found nothing else worth the money… but that is my personal view…
You can always try to persuade @DavidLP to do the rewrite… hopefully he finds some time to do this before the end of the winter :smiley: