Problem with Philips HUE Dimmer

Hello, very much beginner here.

I have huge problem with my Philips HUE Dimmer Switch.

What I want: On turns on the lights, Off turn off the lights, and up/down dims the lights. (HUE, IKEA and outlet switch Bulbs)

I failed to manage this in “native” HomeAssistant.

I tried multiple Blueprints, in one only “On” worked. In another blueprint only “Off” worked.
The closest working solution was: ZHA - Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (RWL020, RWL021)

But this (or my setup, TinyPc, only HA on that) has massive delay. Like 5-15 seconds after a few presses.

What should I do? My wife will veto this soon, help.