Problem with update to Home Assistant OS 11.5

I installed the Home Assistant OS 11.5 yesterday and immediately started getting problems with the MELcloud integration and REST calls. All associated sensors have been “unavailable” since then.
The MELCloud app and web service are reporting “We have detected excessive traffic from your account, your access to the service has been limited for a few hours.”
This is reported by others at Mitsubishi MELCLOUD integration with Home Assistant - #702 by robert86
I’d revert to the previou OS if I knew how to.

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Open the terminal and type

ha os update --version 11.4
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Thanks. I’ll report back if this clears the problem.

Exactly the same experience and service restrictions. I’ll try the rollback and await a solid fix.

The rollback didn’t work for me.

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There seems to be a ticket: MELCloud - Error - "This request has been throttled due to an excessive amount of traffic to our service" · Issue #109728 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

“UPDATE / EDIT: It is not related to the HA upgrade. It is related to some change MELCloud have done on their servers.”


It’s coming from Mitsubishi’s side. I was restricted since monday.

I contacted Mitsubishi Electric Scandinavian Head Office (my nearest Mitsubishi Electric office) and my account access was restored in minutes.

It could be, that the HA integration can’t be used from now on. At least I’m not goin to enable it until there is more information.


I experienced the same issue after the upgrade to 11.5 so I downgraded to 11.4 which did not solve the issue.

So I tried to login using the webpage and app, neither did work due to the same reason.
I disabled the integration temporarily in HA and waited for a day.
After that I enabled the integration and everything is working again with v11.4

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Same problem after a few days with 11.4

So I assume something has changed the way Mitsubishi is allowing to use their API.

Has anybody managed to solve the issue?

Hi, I find every time I re-enable Mel Cloud I get locked out within 24 hours due to the ‘excessive traffic’ issue. Just wondering if anyone has this working? This is an official integration right? so Im surprised its stopped working? Thanks for any advice as I am really missinfg this integration.