Problems with connection Ha on raspberry pi


ik heb in een keer problemen dat ik niet meer op mijn HA kan inloggen via raspberry pi. De lan verbinding ledjes gaat aan en uit. Als ik de internet kabel vervang gebeurt dit nog steeds. Als ik de geheugenkaart eruit haal blijven de ledjes wel branden. Is de software corrupt geraakt dat ik het opnieuw moet gaan installeren en alles toevoegen etc of is hier een andere oplossing voor ? iemand hier al mee te maken gehad?

Please keep the conversation in English. Hook up a monitor to see what is going on.

Good evening,

I suddenly have problems that I can no longer log in to my HA via raspberry pi. The LAN connection LEDs turn on and off. When I replace the internet cable this still happens. When I remove the memory card, the LEDs remain on. Has the software become corrupt that I have to reinstall it and add everything etc. or is there another solution for this? Has anyone dealt with this before?

What url are you using? is this what you mean? I cannot log in to this URL, it indicates that the page cannot be loaded.

Did you try http://homeassistant.local:8123

I connected my Raspberry pi with an ethernet cable. The LEDs on the LAN port of the Raspberry Pi should remain on, right? this does not happen. it keeps cutting out the green LED and the orange LED. does that matter? I’ll even look at the URL you share tomorrow

That is normal.

First thing I would try is to ping the ip address. This will at least tell you if it is on your network or not. I also have SSH add on installed so I can remote into HA box. If you don’t have this ability then will need to connect keyboard and monitor and troubleshoot directly on rpi.

Okay, so if I understand correctly, it is normal for the LEDs to flash like on a PC, then both LEDs go out for 2 to 3 seconds and then come on again, is that correct? just to check for myself haha ​:)

There is a Ziggo Smart WiFi app where I can see which devices are connected, where I can see the RPI with the IP address. I cannot access the HA remotely. That is indeed another option to connect a screen and keyboard to it to see what the Rpi. I have been busy for some time and have not paid much attention to HA and Rpi. Could it be that these problems occur because I have missed updates? Thanks for help.

No, that does not effect anything.

I think I’ve figured out what it is. software corrupt. My PC could no longer read the card. After formatting the card was okay again. tomorrow put new software on it and start over. will let you know what came out

Did you try it with a Wifi connection?

No i dont have that connection on my PI

No Wifi on a RPI4?

I don’t have such a module on it.

Are you using microsd card or usb for storage? Microsd is unreliable over time. I use an rpi 3b+ and card failed after a few months. Set the rpi up for usb boot and now run from 16gb usb. Rpi has been very reliable since.

Yes, I use a micro SD card. Ah, then that must have been the reason why it became corrupt. I’m also going to use a USB stick :smiley: