Proposal: HADashboard Skin List

Hello fellow HADashboard Users!

I’ve been thinking about skins a little recently and have some thoughts …

First and foremost, although I love and I mean LOVE a lot of the skins people have been working on, I have been hesitant to incorporate them into the base HADashboard build. I have a reason for this - every time I include a skin, it adds significantly to the work I must do to maintain it, when for instance I make changes to a widget or I add a new one. Every new skin multiplies that work and I don’t have the cycles to take on maintenance for all the new skins. For that reason I have decided that I will stick with the stock skins, and not have a policy to add new ones.


There is such a lot of great work out there that I want to acknowledge, promote and gather together, so my idea is to include a list of 3rd party skins in HADashboards docs, along with screenshots so we can centralize a list and also make them known to new users going forward.

To add a skin to the list, my only requirement would be that the author is prepared to do 3 things:

  1. Host it on their GitHub so I can provide a link
  2. Commit to keeping the skin up to date as I add new widgets
  3. Help out in the forums with any queries specific to their skins

Does this sound like a good way forward? If so, lets use this thread to start a list of skins!


OK, some likes, no dissenting opinions, lets get some skins in this thread and I;ll start to document them :slight_smile:

no i have nothing against it, but i would like to have something else related.

on the default page we get a list from all dashboards.
i would like it if we get a page with dashboards left and skins right.
with checkboxes in front of it and a go button.

that way we could get to every dashboard with every skin from the default page.

(or else a customisable default page)

I had listing the skins on my to do list but I like the checkbox idea :slight_smile:

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This would be awesome. BTW any news about LCARS style dashboard? :slight_smile:

thats still on MY to do list :wink:
partially done, and now that the custom widgets arrived ill probably gettin back to that soon.

Will you make it like easily useable :), without some hard tweaking for the end user to do? Like do you intend for it to work out of the box :).

yes i intend it to be used out of the box.

all you should need to do is add your own entities.

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Any news? :smiley:

sorry, it has gone a bit to the background from my to do list. it is still comming but i cant get an estimate at the moment.

Any news here?
About to install my first dashboard and thinking about HADashboard, would love to see a skin list

i dont know if it got lost from the long todo list from @aimc, or if it is still there.

This thread was meant to be the list but no-one listed any :wink:

i think that @frelev was talking about this.

and your reaction was:

so i was talking about THAT list :wink:

Ah …still on the list :wink:

i think you need an open list and the option for people to prioritise that list. :stuck_out_tongue:
you provide a public service :wink:

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Sure you go ahead and make a public list, I’ll look at it once in a while I promise!

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doesnt work, i tried accessing your brain, but i failed.
i think i have the wrong access codes. :wink:

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Actually I was thinking about this thread as the list which is currently no list since nothing is listed :slight_smile:
So it seems that everyone is using the standard skins…

However the other list is a good idea too, should still be on the to-do list!

i think more that most people use their own created skill, or something that they copied from someone else.