Provide native support to link remote shared folders to HA Media Browser

It would be awesome if there was a native setup option to link the HA Media Browser to a remote folder such as a NAS share.

I have GB’s of music on my NAS and being able to directly play these via the HA Media Browser would be great.

I’ve seen various threads talking of work-arounds to get this functionality but it really should be in-built to HA, configurable from the GUI.

Who is voting here(I did vote here just in case this will come higher), please just in case vote here:

I can’t delete the topic so if a Mod can, please do. Cheers

Its fine, anybody who comes here see my first post and vote also :metal:

I upvoted both. I want to be able to use MotionEye or similar add-on and use external storage. My setup is not designed, or really capable of easily adding a USB connected hard drive, and I have 40TB (4x 10TB) in my Synology 918+ that I want to utilise.
I do use HassOS and Home Assistant. Don’t want to muck around with docker and stuff like that. I prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

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