Push Button behviour and KNX integration

Hey guys ,
Im really new @HA and want to create a visu for my home automation system which is basically a combination of KNX (sensors) and Wago PLC (outputs and logic).
I am already able to read and write states by the KNX integration in home assistant - that’s great. But I would like to have a push button behavior for some of my lovelace cards. It should work like a template, so that I don’t have to make any adjustments in an automation script etc. with every new entity .
I’m thinking of a own card type for this behavior but I don’t know much about the whole home assistant system yet. Maybe someone has a solution for this.

Push Button behviour means to me:
I push a button in lovelace an a defined command is triggered via knx groupaddress (e. g. ‘on’) after releasing the button an other command is triggered (e. g. ‘off’). I read something about momentary buttons (what is also OK in the first step) but I couldn’t get it to work yet. The card should also be able to show the current state of the output (state_ddress can be used for this I think).

I hope someone will find this and is able and willing to help me.