PWM fan control over GPIO on Odroid C2

I wonder if it’s possible to control PWM fan over GPIO on Odroid C2 in HASS OS.
I know that GPIO integrations were deprecated recently.
I’ve read over the forum topic dedicated to Raspberry PI, but I wanted to know if it’s possible to achieve the same outcome on Odroid, namely Odroid C2.

When I try to run the addon I see the following error messages:

[17:09:06] INFO: Started pigpio
2022-08-07 17:09:06 gpioHardwareRevision: unknown revision=0
2022-08-07 17:09:06 initCheckPermitted: 
|Sorry, this system does not appear to be a raspberry pi. |
|aborting.                                                |
Can't initialise pigpio library

Any ideas on how to get GPIO working on Odroid and accessible to HASS integration?
I understand that an option is to use ESPHome & the fan, but realistically the fan control shouldn’t be over LAN and yet another hardware if Odroid is perfectly capable of doing it.