Python 3.10 dependency location?

Hi. I am an old C programmer so not up to date with the latest however I like to try and help out when I can. The recent Python 3.10 upgrade has broken a custom component that I think I know how to fix. I am using HASSOS 2022.7.2. The issue is the library was previously in /config/deps/lib/python3.x however it seems that this may no longer be the case with 3.10. Can someone tel me where they are now? Do I have to SSH into the OS?


I am surprised no one knows the answer to this? The error I am working to fix shows this path /usr/local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/ but I can’t as yet find it. Help?

I was able to fix this by copying the directory /config/deps/lib/python3.x to /config/deps/lib/python3.10 and then making the changes to the files I needed in there.

I’ve used my own fork for custom component simply by changing the manifest.json file in

\homeassistant.local\config\custom_components<my customized component>

I simply added a github link to my fork under the requirements.

But after the update to Python 3.10 this trick does not work anymore. If I change the code manually on the host machine in /usr/local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/ it works fine untill I update HA. Then I have to modify the code again. This is not a perfect solution. Any idea how to permanently make use of a forked version of custom component?