Python version required 3.5.3 vs 3.5.1

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Hi all.
I’m trying to run HA in my Synology which is unable to run Docker. I’ve managed to install Python 3.5.1 using other package sources but it seems to be a little bit lower than the required by HA, which is 3.5.3.

I’m wondering if someone has feedback about problems if I run HA with 3.5.1 (by getting the module, editing the dependencies file and installing from there).

My other option is to cross-compile a newer version of Python in my machine and then copying to my Synology’s virtualenv, which I’m trying to keep as last option.

Any feedback about this minor version change?

Thanks in advance.

Why we require python 3.5.3 0.65: Rename entities, new filter sensor, UpCloud and Channels

I see there are other threads which mention to use Docker or run a lower version of HA but as mentioned I cannot use Docker. Regarding using a lower version of HA I’d prefer not to do it even if it leads me to cross-compile python 3.6 and use it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your clarification.