Python3 which version is best of HA

I installed python using brew install python3. This installs python 3.9.x.

Should I use Python 3.10?

Yes. Home Assistants supports the latest two stable releases of python. Since 3.10 is out and stable I would recommend using that over 3.9.

That being said, I feel obligated to note that if you are just installing python you should probably take at one of the other installation options for your mac. The core installation route is marked as advanced for a reason. If you aren’t a python developer already you might find it’s more then you bargained for.

Or alternatively if you are a python developer and you are looking to contribute to HA, take a look at the development guide. They’ve made dealing with dependencies quite easy with devcontainers, you don’t actually need to make a venv and set it all up yourself anymore.

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I am new to HA, but I managed to make a guide purely because all other methods are flawed.

But I will uninstall python 3.9 and install 3.10, make a new venv and reinstall HA.

I do have an issue with av, so I hope this gets fixed by doing so.

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It didn’t help for the bug, but it still works. :slight_smile:

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