QNAP + Docker = needs advise please :)



I am currently testing running HA via docker on my QNAP. So far so good all works, well the stuff I have configured does, z wave and mqtt don’t.

Do I need to have a different mind set now? As I was/am running HA via the all in one on a RPi3 where I used telnet, winscp etc. I am guessing I no longer need to do use them? As the config is via a shared folder

I was also looking at how I install MQTT in the docker, but I don’t do I ? I just install Mosquitto on the QNAP right?

and I take it there us no need to install OZWCP ? just copy it’s config file to the HA config folder?



You can install mosquito in docker, too:
This is the official:


don’t confuse me. why would I put it into a docker when it is an app I can install directly on the QNAP please?


Ah - its on QNAP “app store”? In that case definitely do that! :slight_smile:


OK I fully moved over to a QNAP docker on Friday with, Mosquitto, Z Wave stick, etc and all running perfectly. I had to run the docker in bridged mode, which is fine as I wanted it to have a different IP to my NAS. So easy to take an image of the server and keep a backup. I wish I had done this a long time ago :slight_smile:


MarkR: Would you mind giving some details for a fellow QNAP guy trying to do the same? Just the links you used would be helpful.


After a few weeks of running on the QNAP I found out that the docker on QNAP isn’t that great (for me). i was having problems with my z wave stick flipping between different usb paths and I couldn’t sort it. So I am now on a nuc with ubuntu in a docker

I don’t have any of the links but installing dockers via container station is fairly painless


That is the route I ended up going and have installed it and was able to get my most basic needs settled, but I have issues with it running discovery properly and was wondering if you had run into the same. I will keep looking. Honestly, since i was able to get the docker to do what I needed I probably should move on and let it be, but now that I discovered this thing I want to see what else it can do.


It truly annoys me I have the qnap on 24x7 and I cannot use it for things like this…


This is exactly what I was trying to do myself. I really like the idea of the rasberry Pi but I don’t want to buy anything new if I can make what I already have work, and there is no reason that a 30 dollar board should be required when I have a far more powerful QNAP device that can handle running apps in docker.


I was just clearing up my bookmarks and found this one. Might be of use or maybe not


HomeAssistant works great in Docker container in my qnap. I have other containers running mosquito, node-red, etc. and all is well. Zwave works great too. My qnap is a TVS-682.


Johnny, is your version of HomeAssistant successfully running discovery or are you getting an errno98 when it starts? If you are not getting errno98, did you do something to fix it or did it just never happen to you?


Johnny, sorry for the 2nd reply but I was curious:

  1. are you using container station?
  2. what are those other containers and what are they used for?
  3. Do you have documentation that helped you get it all set up? Can I get links?
  4. did you have to do anything to your other QNAP addons to make it work?



No discovery. I set static IPs for devices from my router and manually add them that way.

  1. Yes, Container Station
  2. A python container running a script to monitor my Dahua IP cams for IVS events. A container running mosquitto for MQTT. A container running node-red. A container running pi-hole.
  3. Check my comment history. I think I’ve talked about it before. I create the HomeAssistant container via the command line so I can map USB devices (zwave and serial adapter) to the container.
  4. Nothing additional to my QNAP.


Thanks Johnny! I ended up finding the solution to my issue by creating a virtual adapter in QNAP with a static IP in the same range as the devices I am monitoring (same range as qnap also) and bridging. This allowed discovery of everything on my network and everything works now. Counter-intuitive but if it’s stupid and it works…

Anyway, I will look up those other containers because I think I would like to stretch out the legs on this install and see what it is capable of.



What QNAP do you have?


TS451+ running the latest FW


Same here. Curious if you were able to get a zwave stick work on the NAS?