Question about knx addresses

Hello, I’m trying to connect home assistant to my vimar by-me domotic installation. Obviously it uses KNX. But there is a problem: vimar use addresses like 0x1073 and home assistant use addresses like 0/1/2, so, my question is: can I use addresses like the one that my system already uses? I really don’t want to reconfigure all my devices! I really want to connect my house to the wonderful home assistant world!

Thank you for your support, waiting for your answers,


I hope you are right and your system is indeed compatible to knx s-mode. Otherwise I’m not sure if the xknx library will be able to read and write telegrams to your bus. Give it a try and let us know!

It seems you have hexadecimal notation of your group addresses. This can be converted to the standard 3-fold representation of standard knx-devices.
eg. your 0x1073 is 4211 in decimal and "2/0/115" in knx GA notation calculated this way:
main group: the first 5 bits of your 16 bit address 0x1073 >> 11 = 2
middle group: the next 3 bits (0x1073 >> 8) & 0x7 = 0
sub group: the last 8 bits 0x1073 & 0xFF = 115

Alternatively you can use xknx to calculate it. Get it from pip or Github xknx and import GroupAddress in a REPL.

>>> from xknx.telegram import GroupAddress
>>> GroupAddress(0x1073)

Good luck!


thank you, i will give it a try, at soon i recive my knx/ip interrface!

vimar easytool software, have a tool for this convert. try it