Question about map/zone configuration

When adding new zones, the map will basically be centered so that all devices and the zones are visible. Effectively, this means that if you add a zone that isn’t close to your neighborhood, the map default view will zoom out and pan over so that your house is in the corner of the map.

I’d like to add zones but not have the map re-center so they are included in the default view. Is this possible? Ignore zones and just use devices when centering the map? It seems like that would be a better default behavior and UX.

I haven’t seen anything that would fill that requirement, seems like it would be a good feature request. Having the ability to center/zoom on certain device trackers and ignore others.

There is the ability to setup a map as a card and track specific device trackers but it doesn’t have the zone functionality.

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I added it as a feature request: Increase flexibility of zones and map