Question about openweathermap unicode icons

Currently im working on a Lilygo T5 screen and im busy with using the openweathermnap weather codes.
These codes have a matching unicode font. now im not a big programmer and i have trouble displaying them. when ik print one of the fonts on the lilygo screen its displayed multiple times instead of once. im sure im making a mestake somewhere with calling the unicode icon but i dont know where. Bits of the code i use are below.

font section:

  • file: ‘fonts/owfont-regular.ttf’
    id: OWM_font_250
    size: 250
    glyphs: [

lambda section:

it.printf(260, 55, id(OWM_font_250), TextAlign::TOP_LEFT, “%s”, “uniED82”);

i hope some one can give me a push in the richt direction.

Kind regards Adriaan

Are you sure that Unicode notation is supported? According to the docs glyphs: only supports single characters and ligatures.

I use a similar method to the one detailed in this post:

thank you for your reply, ik wil have a look at that post, hopefully i understand whats going on. :slight_smile:

btw this is whats happening when i use the font (apart from the screendamage)

So the font seems to work as wel as the calling but i probably do it the wrong way.

Found the solution, calling the uniED82 needed to be changed to \uED82.

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