Question about zwave js and zwavejs2mqtt addon

Just wanted to know if I need both adding to run zwave or only zwavejs2mqtt to control my devices from the zwavejs integration.

Only one, either the zwave js add-on or the zwavejs2mqtt add-on. Not both at the same time.

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You need ONE of the addons in addition to the zwavejs Integration.

Ok great I only have now the zwavejs2mqtt running and the zwavejs integration. That should work, thanks

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After a restart of the system zwaveJS add-on is back. I stopped it, uninstalled it and restarted system but after it is back again? That is really strange. How do I get rid of that thing?

Nope looks like you NEED the zwaveJS add-on AND the zwavejs2mqtt add-on and not just one of them to work with zwave. When stopping the zwavejs add-on I can not get my devices working. And every reset this add-on is automatically back.

See this post



If you want the control panel, the zwavejs2mqtt addon CONTAINS zwavejs. The Integtration is needed for the entities in HA.

It can get confusing with the different terms between zwavejs addon, zwavejs integration, and zwavejs2mqtt. This post does a very good job clarifying

OK got the zwavejs add-on away now and the entities still work. Thanks for the help and clarification