Question for EU people - What smart thermostat are you using?

I’ve seen Tado, I’ve seen Nest, Netatmo etc, what are you using and what do you like about it, what don’t you like about it?

Still not sure what to buy…

An eBay one that uses the ”room heat (EU)” app.

It uses a custom component, which seems to still be updated (I did just send the person 5 dollars the other day as a thanks)

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Im with tado

Honeywell Evohome. Great integration, great developer working on it. Works great


I use the generic_thermostat
Easy to change setpoints depending on doors/windows open, at home/away, or just time of day
Uses any temperature sensor
not cheap … actually free !

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Also using Tado

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A custom solution using NodeRed that uses thermometers as input and as output controls the different zones, pumps and the boiler.

Forgot to say I’m in the UK, sorry might be available for other voltages.

HA-softwarewise I know what to do, question is what hardware are you using to control the heater :wink:

Well, I currently use a Danfoss link rs vifza602 which I picked up for around £54 or €65 (then)
They are now a LOT more expensive (£84) and to be honest I never interact with it, it just does it’s job.

Given what I know now I would go a different path.

Quibino do a combined Switch/Thermostat
Qubino Flush on/off thermostat + Temperature Probe (Z-wave Plus) (ZMNHID1 H1S2P1)
Which I’ve just picked two off up on eBay for £19 each.
The temperature probe is 1m long so connected to a boiler) it doesn’t lend itself to putting in a living room unless you have your boiler in in the living room. (though it could be used for electrical wall heaters).
What I’ve done is put it in a lamp the idea being to just read the sensor (hangs out the back of the base of the lamp but you could do all sorts of things with it) the switch into i1 can control the lamp and at the moment I’m battling with the z-wave parameters to change the mode of the switch so I can control it from HA (only had it 3 days and installed yesterday).
The best thing for a heating system is that you can directly offset the sensor value of plus/minus 10.0 degrees (so all your sensors tell the same lies) This is only the ‘c’ on an ‘mx + c’ calc so nothing fancy but it should get you close.
The device will also send a binary value to other z-wave groups so you could have it signal your boiler switch (but again I prefer direct software control)
For the Price I don’t think you can beat it but I have NOT lived with it long.

Edit: Okay, Problem Solved.
The switch (connected to the device) can be configured to toggle the output (switches mode)
And via a z-wave parameter I can also toggle the mode, but these two operate in series, not on each other, so some tricky config is required to detect the light being on and change the output from both methods in a consistent manner. but this is doable and it works well.

Surely all you need is a 240v relay and pair it with any temp integration and the HA template climate? What am I missing?

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Fail back to an old skool thermostat style when there is no WiFi or HA ?

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Agree with @scstraus. Evohome works great. Only drawback I see is that you have to use external API, so you’re dependent on the goodwill of Honeywell to make/keep this available. A few years back Honeywell pulled back the open API to their Evohome Security system - hence no integration with HA there.

Developer is working on local API to HGI-80. After that, web API won’t be needed any more.

I have Danfoss radio thermostats in my house which talk to a Danfoss RX3. Mine were was installed 20 odd years ago but I am pretty sure they still sell them.

There is a brilliant project (by someone else) on GitHub that will simulate the RF codes.

It is the best thing I have done in HA. My heating is controlled entirely locally with very little cost and in any ‘disaster’ situation I just put the batteries back in the existing thermostats and carry on like it was 2000 (i.e no home automation existed :wink: ).

Look here if you’re interested.

I also Tado. Very simple, automatic and “intelligent” out of the box.

Can you send me a link to that eBay thermostat?


Helly guys,
I’m pretty new to HA too, and as I was installing Shelly TRV, I wanted to change my thermostat in order to have a solution that would integrate with HA and can still work via WiFi if there is an internet connection loss.

I’ve seen that Tado and Netatmo can’t work if there are no internet, so not the primary idea to go there.
For the US I’ve see that they have Ecobee that is working via Wifi, but not compatible with for the EU/Belgium.

Do you have any advise or thermostat to recommend ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I am still searching and I did not find the solution.
I still need a device that has manual temperature adjustment, on/off and heating/cooling selection and that has Wi-Fi control. And of course it is integrated with HA :slight_smile: