Question on the Proximity Integration

I would like to open the garage door automatically, when coming home. For this I am tracking the GPS location of a person. As the event of entering zone.home comes to late, I created a proximity sensor. This turns out to work quite well.
After having gained experience with the setup, I would like to add a second person into the automation. Beforehand I would like to know, if I understood the Proximity Integration correctly.

I could add the second person to the same proximity sensor. If I understood correctly this would give me the distance of the closest person/device_tracker to the defined zone. If both are away from home and one person is approaching home, this would trigger the automation. If one person is already at home, that single proximity sensor will indicate arrived with the person being at home indicated as nearest.
For the second person approaching home the automation would not get triggered. Is this correct?

This would mean, each person requires a specific proximity sensor to determine if that person is approaching the defined zone if the automation should run for each person approaching.

I believe that is how it works yes.

My advice is to install the app mock location from app store.
Blue circle with white cross hair in the middle (kind off).

The app can spoof a gps location and make you “move” according to waypoints you set up.