Radiator with fins overheating a room

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using my Home Assistant setup for radiator control. Since I still have old finned radiators in my apartment, I have the issue that they are too sluggish.

The thermostat opens the valve, and the radiator heats up. Once the room reaches the target temperature, the valve closes. However, since the radiator is still very warm, it continues to heat the room. The radiators in my rental apartment are actually too large. The room quickly reaches 25°C - 27°C.

Do you have any ideas on how to address this issue?

Check out this topic:

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Thank you for the message Tom,

If I understand correctly, the PID function acts as a kind of offset for the temperature. Wouldn’t I then have the same issue where the radiator heats the room well above the target temperature the first time it’s turned on?

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I found a good example for the PID: GitHub - soloam/ha-pid-controller: PID Controller to Home Assistant

I will try it out and let u know!

PID is a control method that (once tuned) is particularly good at minimising the sort of overshoot you are experiencing.

I’m a little bit confused right now. Please be patient :wink:

where did i have to save this settings?
I need to get myself into YAML first.
Did I have to save it as automation, in a special config or as script in a device?
I found the .py and .json files, I’m not sure if i have to add the YAML there.

Please read the documentation: GitHub - hacker-cb/hassio-component-smart-thermostat: Home Assistant component: Smart Thermostat with auto Heat/Cool modes and PID control support