RAID for Home Assistant OS?

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM with Home Assistant OS 5.8. Right now, I am recovering my system from a major disaster with the previous (not supported) installation.

Anyway, in my system, I have lots of Fibaro dimmers/switches. All of them were paired/configured with the old configuration. When my system crashed, it seems that I had been taking incomplete (?) “full” snapshots . Or, at least not all that was necessary for a successful and complete recovery. I suppose that it was my own fault, but thinking of what just have happened:

  1. What is an idiot proof way of backing up my current system completely? Other threads discusses RAID (f ex this one: Advice on system-setup) but that is not exactly my cup of tea and I don’t understand if that is an alternative for use with Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM with Home Assistant OS 5.8? Are there any RAID-software solutions which works right out of the box? (I don’t know what to search for)

  2. Theoretically question: If I, for any reason, accidentally crash my existing ZWave controller UZB1 (attached to my raspberry pi 4), is it possible to replace it with a new one? Or do I have to reset every single receiver in my house and repair them with a new controller? What is the best practise?

Copy the entire config folder elsewhere manually. Then try restoring from a backup to prove the system is working. If it’s not, just copy the config folder back. Try to sort out the issue and try again.

Backup systems need to be tested before they are used in anger.