Rain alert based on weather symbols

I’m trying to do a rain alert based on the weather symbols. Is it possible to do an “OR” statement with these? In other words:

If the symbol changes from one or more “sunny” symbols to any of the multiple “rain” related symbols, then send a “hey it looks like rain, better check the weather” notice to my G. Home? If so, would I use the numeric values of the symbols?

I believe the icon’s on the front end are determine by some attribute in the weather component. I would use that attribute as the weather alert trigger. There are many in dark sky

Which weather platform are you using ?
Do you know how the symbols are mapped ?
If, say there are 10 symbols, and symbols 6-10 all respresent some kind of rain, you can have your automation trigger

above: 5

Or if rain is represented in symbols 4 through 7

above: 3
below: 8

Or have a read here :


I’m using the YR weather symbols. The table can be found here; https://github.com/YR/weather-symbols. Based on this, I’m not sure an above/below thing would work.

Working off those values I think its safe to say good weather has values 1-4, and weather where you’d want to close windows has values > 4.

The only exception might be fog.
Does it get foggy where you are ?

How can i create a condition to say run this automation as long as its NOT raining or snow. is the only way to define the other states as ok?

Here you go: Automation coding for 'not state'

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