RAM blocking HA Supervisor installation on Synology NAS virtual machine

Hi all

I am new with Home Assistant and cant get the HA Supervisor up and running on my Synology NAS DS220+ (2x2TB) on the virtual machine with DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3 and INTEL Celeron J4025. For the installation I followed these easy steps Installation on Synology Virtual Machine Managager.

So, it seems the generated cluster which should be using all storage potential from the NAS provides not enough RAM - only 272 MB with 1 CPU. I tried it with split (1.7TB) and combined (3.4TB) storage of the NAS which has no impact on that. I further tried to set up the virtual machine with a lower memory fitting my cluster which was enough to get the virtual machine up and running but I did not get an IP address. Before I started with installation of Home Assistant Supervisor I installed Home Assistant Container in Docker which worked fine but was only limited with the missing add-on section and all why I want to change to HA Supervisor.

I could not find a solution so I hope my information are understandable enough to get some ideas or help in this community.

I think that ds220 hasn’t enought ram by default (2GB?). You have to add another stick.

Wow that was fast - thanks. Yes the ds220+ has 2GB and I was hoping that this would not be the answer. whats the minimum I would need to get it running?

2gb for the system is really low. even more when you say you only have 272Mb available.

1 or 2 Gb is probably the minimum for HA (available for HA).
I’m afraid your processor will be a bottleneck also.
You can try and practice, but for daily use this will be really slow I guess.

Officially this nas takes additional 4GB ram stick. Totally 6GB will be quite enough.
Processor is not that slow as you might think. Ds920+ has j4125 and it runs perfectly. J4025 can’t be that slower…

As others said - RAM is an issue. Minimum for HA VM to run is 1GB, but I would recommend you go for 2 or 3GB. remember that on top of that 2-3GB, VM host requires a bit of overhead + what DSM also needs.
Try to get 4GB module at least (which is also officially maximum).
My 920+ supports officially 8GB, but I have total of 20GB in it. 3 for HA VM.