Raspberry, NUC, VM alternative

Hi all

I’m running hassio from Raspberry Pi 3 at the moment.The speed provided in Logbook and History is kind of slow. But after having seen something like these on Ebay I was wondering if any uses them? Is it worth the money?

Intel CPU: Intel Atom Processor, (2M Cache, up to 1.92 GHz)

Still uses ARM CPU that not much powerful that RasPi, maybe even less

You can buy used desktop PC with Intel i5/i7 or something for $50 on eBay and install Linux+docker+HA.

Really logbook load slow(10-15sec) even on powerful PC (dual i7). Cameras and frontpage load much faster as well as entity detail popups

I was planning to go the Linux+docker+HA way, but a desktop doesn’t have a very high WAF :wink: If a i5/i7 doesn’t affect performance, I might as well keep my Raspberry :smiley:

Like I said, I notce difference with entity popup and camera image live view load speed.

Logbook is a lot faster but still too slow for “I’mma check this all the time”. On pi it was like it not load at all it was so slow but now it’s just slow.

I run other apps on server. It made huge difference with those so there was value for me

Maybe a Asus tinker board if you still want to go with hassio? Same form factor as a pi. You can even use its case.

Atoms are x86, not ARM

I’ve been looking at pi alternative lately, just found this
cpu benchmarks

Pi benchmarks in the middle chart.
I found it interesting that the faster arms did better than I expected in comparison to intel/amd.

FWIW, I’m considering the odroid xu4 or rockpro64. Rockpro64 is faster, with a newer processor, but it just came out, so its in the early adopter phase. xu4 has been out for a while, should have good support, and benchmarks well too. From what I can tell, both would be quite a bit faster than a pi, and I think would be competitive with atoms/celerons.

Keep in mind that a desktop is likely to draw significantly more power than a Pi or NUC. A Pi is likely drawing less than 5 watts while a Desktop may draw closer to 50 watts.

Where I live electricity is $0.15 per kWh (including delivery, taxes, etc.)

A Pi @ 5 watts costs $0.02 a day $0.56 a month and $6.57 a year to run.

A computer at 50 watts would be 10X those costs. A used desktop is cheap to buy, however a ~100 NUC can save money in the long run assuming it sips power like most do.

An odroid xu4 is a powerfull SBC but i would advise a Nuc with docker. Running myself and fast and stable

I ended up salvaging an old pc, so now I got a rather old i3 running with a ssd. I followed alternative installation method found her: https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/installation/

So now I have it running along with portainer and cockpit. Now I just need bluetooth to be functioning :frowning: