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Good evening all,

I am trying to get my HA install on a Raspberry Pi to recognize an Inkbird IBS-TH2 (temperature only) sensor. It seems that others have it working, but when I go to add the Inkbird integration, I get a message that says “No devices found on the network.”

So, I tried to install the Bluetooth integration because I do not see it listed anywhere in the integrations, and I get a message that says “No unconfigured Bluetooth adapters found.”

So, either the Raspberry Pi on-board bluetooth adapter cannot be found, and thus cannot be configured or it is configured and just not working for some reason.

Can someone please help, I really want to get this sensor integrated ASAP.

Thanks in advnace.

First, to help you, we need you to help us understand your hardware and software

The Bluetooth integration should offer to install itself automatically with HASSOS >~8 on a RPi >=3.

Settings → Devices & Services → Bluetooth should show the integration, with likely one device (hc0 - the adapter itself). After that, it’s pretty much automatic - mine picked up neighbours AirTags, but that’s about it.

Bluetooth Low Energy support is pretty new so HASS updates are important, and as devices are often battery-powered, radio range can be a problem. Try fresh batteries next to the RPI perhaps?

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Thanks for the help. I figured it might be something with the install itself so I just created a new instance and started over. I did not have that much in HA anyway and really and truly wanted to start over in the first place. This just gave me a reason. Everything appears to be working correctly with the fresh install.

I also have this exact problem.
Running RPI4 with HASS OS Image installed
Tried to add Switchbot integration and got the “No unconfigured Bluetooth adapters found.”
Tried to add Bluetooth Integration and got “No unconfigured Bluetooth adapters found.”
I found the “bluetoothctl” command which I put into TTY. Using the Show command I can see that the bluetooth is Pairable YES but Discoverable NO

Thanks in advance!

Did you get this figured out? I’m having the same issue.

Im having the same issue. Solutions?

I had the exact some issue until someone on Discord pointed out that I may have previously Ignored my Bluetooth Integration. So I went to Integrations, looked at Ignored devices and it was indeed the case! As soon as I re-enabled it, all the Switchbot curtains showed up even without having to manually trigger a search.

Dear Bluetooth Experts,

would appreciate your kind support.
Running an Pi3 32, tried to activate Bluetooth integration but “no addapter found and no addapter hided” was show.

Hints welcome, thank you in advance.

PS: Installed via Hass.io, updated to latest version of core and OS

Same problem for me, latest hassio version, BLE used to work but somehow cannot enable bluetooth with internal BT anymore since some time. Pi4. Used to use HACS ble integration for some time. Somewhere I must oversee something …

fml, the fix for me was enabling bluetooth via /boot/config.txt. Somehow it was disabled in that file.