Raspberry pi kiosk mode for wall panel

Can anyone point to a setup tutorial to run a browser on a Raspberry pi touchscreen in kiosk mode that actually works.

This one loads a blank screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hN0_yGVdUQ

this one How to use a Raspberry Pi in kiosk mode - Raspberry Pi There is no such file as .config/wayfire.ini

I’ve tried a few others with equally disappointing results.

Just tried this one too: Headless Raspberry Pi Preparation Guide

Another blank screen.

Is it because Home assistant wants me to login and popups are blocked in kiosk mode?

I have a simple weather clock that I run in kiosk mode using the stock Chromium browser, or at least a mode that hides all the menu and scroll bars and uses the Kiosk Mode front end mod. Here’s a breakdown of what I did. Maybe something in there will help you.

So it looks like there is an issue with startx on raspberry pi lite os. All tutorials that I’ve found suffer from the same problem of crashing the xserver on startup and not finding the console. I’ll have to switch to a full raspberry pi desktop instead.

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