Raspberry Pi4 not detecting Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5

It’s the strangest thing.
Everything was working just fine with zwave to mqtt. I rebooted the pi and now it won’t detect the z stick.
/dev/ttyACM0 no longer available
lsusb doesn’t show the usb device
dmesg doesn’t produce any useful information

The device does light up when plugged in.
I verified that the USB port works on the pi by plugging other usb devices into it.
I verified the z stick works by plugging it into another machine.
I’m stumped.

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I’ve read that the Aeotec stick won’t work (or at least is unstable) if it is plugged directly into the RPi4. Most recommend a powered USB 2.0 hub between the stick and the Pi.

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It seems there is a new version of the stick which works with raspberry pi 4.

yes…you have a choice…get a cheap USB 2 (not 3) hub…under $10 at amazon or pick your favorite store…or buy a new z-stick for $50 or so…and hope that it is the new version because the model number is exactly the same as the old one. The only way to know is if there is a physical label on the z-stick you buy that says NEW. Don’t rely on any write up that says new…you have to see the actual z-stick. My very strong suggestion is that you buy that cheap USB non powered hub which solves the problem.

I’ve been using an unpowered USB 2 hub without issue for months.

The link in my post is from the engineer at Aeotec as the place to get the new ZStick. He provided that because clearly it will take some time for the old ones to sell through at retailers. These are identifies as the New version.

Good to know. I don’t use a RPI4 so I was just going off of memory.

But my biggest point was to use a USB2 hub.

…and why not a new name or model ID for the stick… ?

Don’t they want to help their customers ?
ahh he’s an engineer…

Just got the powered hub. That was def it.
Seemed like a faster solution than getting a new stick.

Hi, I know I replying to and old topic,
But I think the problem is related to the HA software.
I’m migrating from Domoticz towards HA.
Domoticz is installed on an RPI 3B and the stick was working on that system for more than 4 year.

On my RPI 4 with HA the stick is not detected.

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Hi, appertly this is a hardware problem.
I found this thread https://community.home-assistant.io/t/sticky-aeotec-z-stick-gen5-raspberry-pi4/218405 .

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